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Tulsa Calibrations : Great Knowledge

Well hello everybody this is Travis and Nate with precision calibrations It’s been a whole week since you heard my wonderful voice again. Nate left us it’s been two weeks since you heard him. May 5th 2017 and of course we’re discussing the usual topic of Tulsa calibrations this week and so it might take some time and talk about what all we’ve done for the last week.

We should well first of all let me just say thanks Travis for stepping up last week and do intend podcast on by yourself. That was pretty impressive I’m sure you had a lot of great knowledge to share with people and I’m sure the the listener and the readers are going to be very enthused and excited about calibrations after listening to you doing all those podcasts. So what’s going on this week then. So exciting things new customers new work new calibrations.


It’s the last last week we were talking about a pressure system that I was you know at MIT at a new customer that has several cal. They have several different pressure systems that they use redoing test benches you’re familiar with what I’m talking about and try to have a story to tell you by the way about that old line and it’s much lower than yours.

Oh I don’t know. They both were like that last time.

OK. Well it’s pretty small. Oh wait this is turned way down. Maybe this will help. I don’t know.

OK well that is little better actually. Yeah I think I did it. So don’t forget we’re talking about Tulsa calibrations.

I was going to mention to you something about what Eric’s shared with me at an RV. So he had the dealer tournament calibrated. He said they hooked it back up and everything and started to use it and we blew the thing.

So yeah the whole thing the whole thing blew up.

They pulled it out pulled it out bone motor blew up some other things that we’re trying to figure out what happened.

Tulsa Calibrations Anyway they kind of they kind of suggested that you know there could have been some something that went wrong but he’s definitely not saying that it was all of calibration fault. But yeah it was interesting though. I was I was trying to let him know you know we we certainly need to know you know if we do something that would cause a problem.

But I think he was I think he was looking at looking at us pretty closely to do it more calibrations for him so it was a really good conversation and had a good meeting with them. Yeah yeah. Crazy right.

Makes you think makes you wonder. You know what could have possibly went wrong.

Well the only thing that could do wrong is that regulator could have been turned way up. Way up high and whoever was operating it wasn’t paying attention to it. That’s the only thing that could go wrong because literally to do what we do we disconnected two hoses. So definitely going over pressurized anything of anything you get you would not hook up one of the high pressure hoses and you would spray city water everywhere.

Yeah he said something about a pop off valve that possibly could have been jacked with or something but nothing like that. Nothing like that calibrations. No need to mess with those.

No I wouldn’t even know where the pop off valve is on that thing. Yeah.

I mean I’m sure I could find it if I looked around it looked like it’s some kind of a cabinet or something cabinet with the gauges and all that or something. Yeah. Yeah.

Pretty simple very simple little deal so it blew up. That’s what they said. What exactly did it blow up.

Well I mean I think they do see it. Did you go back there and. I did. I did look at it and I didn’t really see any evidence of anything so they said some of the motor blew up or I don’t know maybe a spark and then smoke and then seized up or something I really don’t know for sure. But yeah. Interesting.

Well this is what I know. Unfortunately. The regulator on that thing had no you know normally you got to push it down.

To lock it in place pulled up around it. Yeah. The regulator the lid on this thing was it was really jacked up.

Tulsa Calibrations So the only thing I can think is that the regulator was way high. And when they turn it on it’s just it’s just on. So if they just turn it on and just let it pump and pump and pump and pump and that regulator was up high and not back to wherever they were operating it that that would do it.

So that’s the only logical thing that makes any sense to me. So essentially if it happened right afterwards yeah yeah cause probably your last reading was the highest pressure that you could get or. That’s right. But you only want to like what 15000 I believe it was 15 and I think the system is set up for like 30. So I don’t know. But their pump system may actually go far beyond that I don’t know. But they have they do have a pop off. They should have you know prevented anything from happening.

So I don’t know you know what you’re absolutely right though I did only go up to 15000. Yeah I had the paperwork. I don’t remember what it was but it wasn’t full scale. No no I think we decided we were going to do up to 15000 is what we’re going to do so because that was the Yeah Yeah because I had the 20000 model with me. Right. Right. So. So I have no idea.

Well anyway we continue to have a conversation continue to talk about things as if like he’s going to let us do it.

I cannot believe the list that he had. I mean he showed me the invoice of these the other company that went in there to calibrate and he said he thought there was like three people there for like two days. Yeah that’s right yeah.

And he said and I was like a little over 5000 you know $5000 invoice for the micrometers and calipers almost almost completely just micrometers and calipers and there’s a lot of them.

So yeah we need a we need to. We need somebody else too. OK that’s a good idea. So anyway so we’re looking forward to having some new business there with them and I know that we can we can provide some good service and also calibration services there for.

For this new customer. All right. So we get a little behind the table here. It’s looks like we’re five and a half minutes into this. And again we’re always talking about Tulsa calibrations omni.

And just so you can if you want on TV she sounds like I blew a pump up this week.

Unfortunately your supplier one I’m speaking to I think so it works but. OK. All right. All right speaker one. Now that’s what happens on the transcript I noticed. Oh cool of the speaker too. OK. I mean we can be ready. We can. Here is you ready. OK. Tony are you ready. One two three. One two three two one for me. I think it’s a. What is one thing I mean it’s a I’m not familiar I’m not familiar with this game and so on. But how old are you man. Because we’ve been playing rock paper scissors for a long time. Oh yeah around the Tulsa calibrations communities and I’ve never seen anybody I’ve never seen anybody throw one finger. So I got to know is that like is that like a secret super power move. It’s like a sword. It was like a back step back step two steps to the left and like a super up power also got the calibration move.

Yeah I don’t know what triggered one figure with just. I did. I was like a gun you know.

So you’re giving me the finger. That’s what it was. I went Oh man. So anyway so hopefully this will kind of start to pick up a little bit it seems like this was dragging out quite a bit. Seven minutes or 10 minutes to do. Let’s come back and we just started. So all right. So let’s talk more. I would like to hear more about what happened with this station. Geez. I’m that. I don’t guess anybody got hurt. That’s a good thing. No I don’t see how that could have happened so check it out so check it out.

OK we’re talk about Tulsa calibrations and literally there’s a front panel that opens up this is a stand alone car hooked up to city water with a heck of an electric motor pumped up to it hooked up to a pressure regulator all high pressure stuff and has a regulator going regular to get up to whatever pressure shuts off doesn’t say anything else out. You know it does its job. There’s a pressure regulator there’s a pressure gauge going up from 0 to 30000 PSII liquid filled with glycol connected in series to a £13000 Barton chart recorder. So. From the back all you have to do is disconnect one connection to take it to take the hard hose off of the 30000 psi gauge. And and that is where I screwed in our transducer and then engaged their car in that pressure pressured up their car Tulsa calibrations and I ran the regulator to the different PSII that we wanted to check and I verified it on NBC one on one and I verified it on the chart recorder and I made adjustments to the chart recorder minimal I forget what it was it was with the spec but it was minimal. Again we’re told to also calibrations this is real world calibration stuff here guys. And so then I hope that Gaige back up and I ran it back through its course. Actually no I just ran whatever it was at to see if the gauges matched and they did. And then all you had to do was on the very front of it when you pull the panel up is just as easy as can be.

Disconnect the hard high pressure hose Tulsa colorations from the front of the Barton hydro quarter and again your transducer right there and go. So the only thing that could have blown that pump up if it truly was a calibration error was that regulator and I do know that regulator was not proper. Interesting. Well we may. I’m not saying it’s the regulator but I’m saying that they could find out. Yeah we’re going to know if they hook up and use that same regulator with a pump because it’s going to it’s going to we’re going to know because it could it could. But if there’s just something crazy toxic calibrations. You know the motor just went haywire. That’s a different story. I mean things do break. But very suspect sounds very suspect like a calibration technician. May have made an error.

Oh I don’t know why they weren’t pointing fingers. Have to look into it next time. Yep.