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Keep track of that well everybody we are back here this is podcast number 17.

Not to be confused with Tulsa calibration 10 or Tulsa calibration 12 or Kallo Tasik elevation 11. Only a wait that’s supposed to be taught calibration podcast 10 repulsing calibration podcast 11.

You know I was just thinking honestly and I think for the real geeky you know quality people that actually go to our sitemap and actually like one of our listeners see one of these podcasts I think in all fairness to us we ought to when we first start this has been like you know the very first couple three sentences to actually be like relatively interesting or meaningful you know like we first start off will be like I hurt my feelings.

This is Travis with precision calibrations out of Tulsa calibrations and every one of these podcasts every second of them have been meaningful and have great content. You’re hurting my feelings. Ok so you know I came here prepared for my calibration topics. I come here prepared for my podcasting and now you’re now you’re going to it you know rip my heart out and in and just just uncalibrated you how are you. So now so now what’s going to be is going be a limited calibration stickers are going to be an addict I’ll stick with it when I was about to throw down.

OK so limited calibration it’s got. It happened. No.

No we try to keep this from happening but somehow and other calibration just happens you know when you can’t get the whole thing calibrated you know or if it’s limited if you just you know and so in the beginning if it’s the end but it’s somewhere in the middle. You calibrate.

Tulsa Calibrations So what’s an example of something that you would limited kill on say like a caliper for instance you know so OK you want to I’ll let you answer that question let me answer that question.

So you know let’s say the O.D. jobs were reading just fine and everything was good to go.

But the ideas were just they just weren’t good man they weren’t good. That’s

right. And you’d have to do a limited calibration if you could do it. But it doesn’t mean it doesn’t meet spec right. So you know what if the customer is OK with it we’ll let him. We’ll let him keep their caliper. If we had put a limited calibration sticker on it right that would just eliminate calibration sticker. You know I think it’s real important to have your favorite pizza. It doesn’t have all lives in jalapenos. It has pepperoni. Does it have calibrated banana peppers. Mozzarella Cheese. It’s got to have jalapenos. I know you know we’ve got a lot of jalapenos on it because I mean cheese. I’ll tell you what it doesn’t have. What does it have. It doesn’t have anything that you wouldn’t like. It doesn’t have an out of calibration sticker. Right.

Because when I’m doing Tulsa calibrations for precision calibrations I do not like to see out of calibration stickers. They hurt my heart.

It’s just wrong it’s wrong for all humanity and especially for low quality managers.

And then I I’m got to interrupt you.

Oh no that’s OK I think I’m interrupting you have the time to. So but I never know because I think when you ask me a question I think you really would just want to just keep going and answer at everything else. No I like to ask you questions. Oh we’ll see if I had better questions to ask and you probably just you could probably ramble on for a little while. It makes me sad whenever I have to when I have to feel something because then I think about all those poor quality managers in Tulsa calibrations and it really hurt coloration it really hurts their feelings doesn’t it. It does. Because now they’ve got to worry about the impact that it has since the last time we calibrated it.

But that’s why we do this folks because we want Tulsa calibration world to be the most I mean just as good as quality can be because quality quality quality quality saves lives quality saves lives certified quality money.

That is right. That’s right. That’s good.

You can either spend your money on corrective action or on preventative action. And calibrations all about preventative action and giving you confidence behind the process.

That’s really good. So if we had anybody that got what time did we start this one at one point in the world too. So we’re about four minutes into it. And so if somebody is still like reading this stuff then I think they might’ve just been I was drawing a tear. You know listening to that story about the quality managers and how sad that you are and how emotional you get when you when you get a failed certificate. I think that if somebody was still listening and in reading through this craziness they would they they they would they would then be trying to have to like maintain their composure and we may have lost them.

Tulsa Calibrations I think they would be getting on Google and I think they would be googling precision calibrations which is WMW that precision calibrations dot com and I think they would be eager to get on our Web site and find out how to contact to Tulsa calibration collaborators with such high integrity as ourselves.

That’s right. I think I think they would they would stop at nothing. I think they would walk the ends of the earth barefoot across the Sahara desert to find us.

I believe that they are. I think I’ve seen that already and so it’s amazing that they can make it through this far.

I keep seen smokescreens come up and also calibrations this way and calibrations over there. Walk walk come to the light. There’s water over here. But then they get there and their canteens aren’t calibrated and it’s out of calibration and they ain’t got no water. And they stopped at Tektronix and didn’t quite make it.

And that’s what it is. And it saddens me to it. It’s a sad place to be if you’re going to do also calibrations.

You need it to be a precision calibration period.

Tulsa Calibrations Yeah. In Claremore collaboration or even Oklahoma colourations but calibrations is the name of the game.

So hey have you gotten any more information or gotten any further on a volcano calibration since the last time we talked about it.

You know I dropped my papers in the volcano. I forget now. I’ve lost my notes.

Oh well that’s all right. I sent a drone out and it sent you the information back it’s on your phone. Oh well look here it sure is. It came right back to you. Good job. And so here’s all of this because we have redundancy so if so if our customer loses their certificates we always got a backup for him. I mean we’re just in case because you get to go to the volcano man. I did get to close this time. You or stuff no. No need that stuff sometimes a computer scratch sometimes they’re their employees go postal and sabotage everything on purpose because well because they suck.

Yeah. And so sometimes they’re just happy and so when they do it if they’re not good enough calibrations and then you know what happens to people. And so.

Well I know I know if they’re doing the calibrations they are getting plenty of calibrations and yeah. And if they’re getting their Tulsa calibrations done by persuasion calibrations not only are they getting all of their calibrations in but they don’t even have to worry about the work the precision calibrations does because they know that the quality is superb and so they just they just don’t have any worries. Whenever they’re using us here and to do Tulsa calibrations That’s right.

That’s exactly right. So as we as we talk about that and discuss the fact that people are out there are concerned about collaborations are there and they want to have a good calibration company that they should look at precision operations because that’s what we do we do good quality work for people out there that need quality things done. So anyway hey so what. OK so we were talking earlier about about Travis and about your home and some things over there. Let’s see what we talk about the pool. We’ve talked about you always liked floatable. What about your BS man so the bees this.

So it’s not. Things are really things aren’t really well because things are blooming actually they’re there. They’re hard at it making some money right now. Right.

Oh they are. They have they have their high calibrated OK. They are definitely calibrated hives out of Tulsa calibration. OK. We have Galbraith’s. So I went out there and only put on my half suit because I didn’t want to get all hot because a full suit is hard as hell. Lesson check. OK. So in the trash is for spectators only. Not a good idea. Not doing it again. I was lucky enough to have a bee in my suit. Yes you did my head yes flying around. You couldn’t score at least five minutes and I could not calibrate myself out of that situation. Do you know how nerve wracking it is to have a bee in your suit for five minutes the whole time. It’s got to be a trip because you know you can’t get it out without singing.

So the whole time you’re just pray and just do it just do but don’t do it.

Tulsa Calibrations Steamy steamy steamy steamy is to me not to me it’s not about my chin was as fat as a hog for three days in a store as a honey badger getting his ass whipped by Mama Garcia I always thought that honey bees were you know friendly like little friendly little friendly little boy they are. But I tore the entire hive apart for the first time in six months. They are not used to that and I probably killed a few of them and smash them. Oh how dare you. I tore the whole life apart. I wanted to see what’s going on in there I want to see how productive they were. They have because they are calibrated The Also calibrations. Is that something that’s normal for you to go in and open up to the hive. Why would you do a lot of people do it. A couple of times a week at least once a week. I’ve done mine about once a month. OK I don’t know if that’s right or wrong. According to the books that’s wrong. But I’m just a little different person. I’m just I live a good life and I think God’s going to help me out a little bit and I know that every time you open up the beehives and you smoke them you set them back 24 to 48 hours. OK. Because you know what happens when you smoke a beehive. Well I know you blow smoke into it. That’s right. That’s right. So that’s exactly what happens when you smoke a beehive.

And when you blow smoke into the Beehive the bees react to the smoke.

They do like specially calibrated bees out also colorations.


Tulsa Calibrations So the smoke goes in and penetrates the beehive it penetrates the bees penetrates penetrates penetrates the bees and Tulsa calibration.

That’s right and so the bees once are penetrated by the smoke it causes the bees to be penetrated.

That is right and what happens after they penetrate penetrate penetrate We’ll tell you on board number eight