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A name here with Travers the undertaker and we are talking about what people think about me I bring that up.

And so sound effects. Yeah.

And so we are make him laugh over in India and so we’re talking about calibrations in Tulsa calibrations.

There’s one Telemark and we’re excited that anybody and everybody would like to read these podcasts because they’re so they’re very educational and we talk about adjusting micrometers and calipers and taking Arkansas stones to IDs and ODIs and you just never know what you’re going to get. So you’ve got to listen to them all because sometimes the gems are in the rough.

Oh yeah that’s right. That’s very right. It’s in need of a calibration haircut I think I’ve got three colors going on guess I’ve never seen them with three colors. It might just be the lighting but I think he’s got three colors. Oh my gosh. Who does your calibrations here. That would be Mark. We know we might need to send you to Elfen in the room man. OK. You get a beer if you get a beer when you go in. Oh yeah. You get a beer when you go and does Martin give you a beer. Now he’s giving me shots before. Works. Good guy busy in the Tulsa calibrations community. He is not. He was in the Claremore calibrations community but that’s not the Tulsa calibrations community now. He thinks he needs his haircut. Clippers calibrator. I guess not. He’s never asked me about it. You should see if they’re operating at the right rpms.

That would be interesting kind of cold chicken it might not be cutting the hair right. It’s possible it might be it might be vibrating too much. Hate your turn to cut and paste all of the all the pies.

No I will. I will you just have to. I will. I just don’t got anything going on today.

You just have show me the first time and I went on a lot of time trying to figure it out again.

Let’s see. Let’s see. But I can’t believe we’ve made it this far. Man again how do we how how do we get ourselves through it all the way. Well you know marriage is all about quality. You know we’re trying to we’re trying to be number one in the Tulsa calibrations community and that requires a grind that that that’s hard to find.

And we’re doing it though. Well is it no one wants to in front of the other. Yep one step at a time and one step at a time. What you calibrate over there. Well I don’t know why. Why did I send you 56. I have no idea. Oh that’s right. I told you I was over by six. Whenever you did that. All right. I’m going to set it in shutting that down too. They.

Were really kind of I don’t know that’s just too much excitement. I think you said you wanted to have a stress free day.

So you know hey everybody we have caller number three Everybody we have caller number three to the podcast show please do not cause or be violent or anything like that your life. This is Travis with the Tulsa calibrations community you’re on the air with Nate.

Who do we have on the phone.


Who’s on first.

What’s on first who’s on second. All right.

Well this caller is pretty educational and knows how.

Are you. Are you.

Are you calling in to ask a calibrations question we are we are live on the air recording our podcast and you have our ear so what would you like to know about any calibrations here in the colorations area.

Well all equipment do recalibrate. That is a great question. The list is endless. We if you if you have it we calibrate it. We do my current calibrations caliper calibrations.

I was I was going to go.

I was I was going to take the easy way and I was going to say we do link calibrations we do pressure calibrations we do torque calibrations we do thermal calibrations we do.

Time as time on your time calibration. Yeah. And we’re going to be doing electronic of electronic calibration soon here.

So that covers a man dimensional pressure. Let’s go.

Wait wait call the mass man I was going to say man ask how we do mass calibrations.

We do a lot of mass colourations very very very accurate mass calibrations for the Tulsa calibrations area. What else do you have for us. Good color. Well that’s different for every piece of gear. Some some we calibrate quarterly some semiannually some annually. I don’t think we have anything that’s monthly or bi monthly.

I don’t believe but I could be wrong according to my right. Absolutely not. He asked about argue. What.

No no. That’s very much depends on on what on what regulation what you know the aim is 750 regulates what gear is calibrated to what spec for what type of equipment associated with it. So you know 2:05 is similar in the same way you have customer specifications. That’s why you don’t that’s why you don’t know what you’re getting Whenever you just call up Billy-Bob calibration shop you got to make sure you’re with an accredited calibration shop with accredited technicians like we have here in the Tulsa calibrations area.

And I so 4:43 accredited calibrations creature excuse me.

We don’t do anything from the internet other than love and be loved in work and be worked.

I’m not sure that I’m not sure that our caller has a voice coming across very well on this podcast.

We might end up we might miss some of the comments.

Well this has been really fun and really educational. We’ll give you one. One final question caller. You’re on with the calibration. This is a rare opportunity.

Don’t waste it.

Tulsa Calibrations What was question how do you feel that your quality standards compares to the competitors. So will our quality standards are top notch.

We have proven viable calibration procedures and quality manual systems in place.


I think the proof’s in the pudding. All you do is pick up a wrench that we calibrated and go work with it my friend I go.

Proof’s in the pudding. We sure do scratch off a lot of competitors stickers and put our stickers on and we keep going back to the same people every time. So I’d say our quality’s better than theirs.

We’re I’ll tell you all this calibration talk is just really it just just really just extended me beyond my fun meter peg.

It is pegged the fun meter is pegged so we’re going to have to recalibrate the fun meter because it went over 150 percent past its limit. So now it’s not going to accurately read anymore. So we got to be aware of that while we’re dealing with the Tulsa calibrations community because they’ll will be upset if we give them a bad fun meter.

That’s right. That’s right. That’s right. That’s right.

Well caller we appreciate your time and your candor and remember you may need to be calibrated you need to send it to Travis or Nate at persisting calibrations taking care of toxic calibrations.

That’s right. Peace be with you. Peace be with you.

OK well that was that was good talking to our caller there.

Tulsa Calibrations I was doing Jack Littlefield the third caller number three. It’ll be etched in stone forever now. Yeah yeah yeah. Podcast is going to be. I don’t get to be world renowned in just a couple of years. People are going to come from far and wide to get the knowledge of how to calibrate from us. And believe it or not we are very quickly approaching you know what we should do we should start we should start having a couple of pieces of gear that need calibrated ready to come with us every week and we should calibrate them here on the table and talk about what we’re doing and how we’re doing it and what we’re looking on the sheets and all that stuff. Bam that’s what we’re going to do next week. Bam. We

wish we could do that right there at the shop though they’d be better. We could if we wanted to record it if we just have to record it for the record we got to come here anyway. Yes true. That’s true. But. We should we should see if we can’t make that happen. Yeah because 10 minutes isn’t that long to walk through. Talk about what we could do. We could we could have three. We’ve got three podcasts doing the same coloration. That’s true. And I know that yeah. This is our last minute.

I know right. We did it man. I don’t know how we do it but we did it again. Oh my gosh. I’m ready for some sushi. This is the top kill. This is the Tulsa calibrations power hour.

That’s right. And you have been here with us typing away at this. Good times.

OK. What’s that a reply from Mike I have in my office Monday. Just when you were just winging it out there we don’t just wing things that tell us calibrations precision you know.

So that’s why we’re accredited. We have we have procedures for Made Easy wing it baby only with buffalo sauce.

Tulsa Calibrations That’s right. And prefer. I think we’re getting really close now. So what do you want to calibrate this evening. I’m going to go calibrates some chopsticks calibrate some chopsticks. Well I’ve had a I’ve had a really great time and I wish you guys all well and we’ll see you next week. OK. Adios. Also calibrations by