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Tulsa Calibrations : Very Impressive

So I’m looking at the ship and also calibrations and precision calibrations and we’re just sharing a little bit about some of the calibrations that go on ships calibrations that’s required to run the naval force.

So anyway I was just looking at this and I was really expecting to see a lot more big old scary guns. That’s because they’re all under the deck hands. She’s the first VLA ship the entire ship.

Nine stories deep is holding why I can’t tell you how many but she’s holding a whole lot of Tomahawks underneath her. She

pops up a lid and then she shows you her skirt on the neck.

Oh. And then you in trouble when you’ve got these fiery darts. That’s right. The last deck. And they reveal that to discussed how far they can go.

There’s an unclassified range that’s on there. Yeah yeah that’s somewhat accurate. Yeah but no the.

But don’t be don’t be. Don’t be fooled by possible liberations all under the skirt. She’s got 25 Mike Mike guns that are on both sides. Afshar on starboard and poor. She’s equipped with to see was guns forward and aft.

That is a laser guided Gatling gun shoots hundreds of rounds a second. Because that’s for the air attack. That’s right.

That’s kind of our last or last defense. She is equipped with age’s supersonic radar that can almost just she goes full power directional on anything coming at her. She can she she can she can really she can put quite a lot of things she can avoid being outrun him torpedo. No no no. That would be impressive. No. I mean we outrun and no torpedoes. Let me tell you right now let me tell you right now for those of you all home that have seen the magic What were they do about 45 knots or something like that torpedoes topit to Pinos on average. That’s a really good guess. It’s 35 to 40. That’s a real good guess. You know it’s not unclassified what our torpedoes are. I don’t think. But I’m not sure. So I won’t say what the name is but I’m pretty positive you can just google off. Hold back. You know Tulsa calibrations it.

But you know like scrubbing your scrubbing your you know your e-mail server and stuff like that.

Yeah I got mine ready for him. I want him to see all the dirty pictures I sent to Bethany when I was in Germany.

I hope they like him. I was I was EXOR. I was extra good then extra good extra good extra good extra good Tulsa collaborations like I was saying on the USS Bunker Hill there. She’s got she’s got several As someone has some twos that are also touched down inside those vilest decks. And so these are capsules that are in close and straight up in the air right.

They have some some are filled with tomahawks some are filled with the same ones as some too some are filled with torpedoes with rocket boosters attached you can call and as rocks.

And other things of of their choosing. Interesting.

Good stuff. That is good Lord. And after vilest launcher I would not I would not. You know what. You’re right. It is. It’s not a very bad ship. North Korea should just go right up to and knock on the side of it. Yes they should. I think you should pull up the road. I think the also calibrations community would calibrate them right up.

Yeah. And so that would not be a good deal for them to show up next door and start knocking on this ship I think. How far would they have to be out to start getting some firepower on them.

Oh man.

They’re within a mile.

It’s hard to say. And yet it’s more about intent any more unfortunately. I mean we’ve got the Iranians down in the Strait of Hormuz right now in the last month in theater. It’s also calibrations and they came within 1000 yards of our destroyer before we gave her a couple of warning shots across her bow. You know it’s about intent it’s about capability and intent. So a thousand yards out to sea between two battleships is no different than 100 miles.

You know what I mean. Oh that’s true. I mean they I mean.

Now North Korea is not all that great you know they might not be able to hit us from a hundred miles but you get the point I’m trying to make Yeah right so it’s more about intent. So when they’re not. The one thing that’s not common.

I know I know the jihadi has got a lot of suicide bombers these days but there’s not a lot of suicide Mariners. You know most most sailors know how terrible it is to die at sea and they’re not real they’re not you know they’re a game is not to ram their boat into the side of you know their warship and to your warship.

You know they’ll they’ll send idiots like they did to the Cole and fishing boats full of dynamite and they’ll ram that into your boat. But you know those guys don’t want to ram a warship into a warship doesn’t make a whole lot of sense does it.

But it’s all about there and it’s all about the their or their intent.

They’re proud how how aggressive they’re being towards us. Yeah. So anyway so it won’t be long though to answer your question and it won’t be long we’re about to blow North Korea out the water. Iran or both at the same time it will not be long. I give it six months will be a full out war. You’ll see both the fleet sitting out there spun up six months max.

Well I think there’s too much concern about the fact that they’re trying to get perfecter long range missiles. So I think there’s enough people look at really closely watching this very closely because last say we want these jerks to shoot something over here and cause big problem for us and cause people to lose lives. And you know get everything stirred up you know if they hit like California you know.

Can you imagine you know the rioting and stuff that goes on there whenever things like this happen whenever disasters happen and it’s ridiculous. Man I just don’t know. It’s a it’s a bad deal a bad deal.

I can’t imagine why I think it’s time to our lives start to build up your arsenal of weapons. Make sure you get you know make sure you got definitely at least some defense.

We are not advocating anything we do not accept any reliability for any suggestions comments.

They are to be used as jokes only and proceed with your own entertainment purposes only.

Tulsa Calibrations  That’s right. Yeah so.

But you know hey we got to keep talking and keep things going here because calibration world doesn’t stop. You’ve got to keep on keep on calibrating and calibration company’s calibration services you know that you know.

That are required to be out there.

So the Navy though. Hey so we got these ships we got these submarines. Let’s see what else what else the Navy got to offer that.

Now I mean that’s that’s pretty much covers a lot of planes and planes navies got more planes in the Air Force a lot of people don’t realize that. Well you know those of us in the Tulsa calibration community we knew that well I didn’t know the Navy has almost twice as many airplanes as the U.S. Air Force. There you go. So that’s a good that’s a good fleet to get involved in and then the the U.S. Navy has no long range bombers.

Oh well OK. The U.S. Air Force has one or two. All right. That’s good knowledge right there.

Also calibrations community. Did you Google that information. No I was in the air community member. So that’s where I got started with quality I was I was. Half my career I was in submarines the other half my career I was fix and airplane parts.

OK. That’s how I got into it. That’s how I got into quality in collateral duty inspectors and you know when you’re gung ho they want to in quality quality quality quality. There’s the mother of all bombs man the mother of all bombs is about to take out Afghan the all bless their little hearts and it doesn’t look very big. Oh it’s being built right here in Oklahoma Tulsa calibrations community help build that that was in the water. That’s not the one that’s not the Afghan lunch yeah no it’s not is it. No that’s in the water might not be the same absorbs quite a bit of meat fish last alive. No. They just needed it. Come on out and get Tulsa calibrations calibrated. Yes. So what have you heard lately in the Tulsa calibrations community Nate.

Well let’s see.

So OK so A.V. I guess November.

I’m familiar with November. That’s a little ways away. You really want to talk about November already.

Do you remember we had a meeting in Claremore with with that branch of of that company remember that when I met with them or something.

Tulsa Calibrations Yeah. And I had to be with them while they had a couple of audits and I hadn’t heard anything back from them because I know that there was not a whole lot there for us. But anyway I learned today that they shut the place down. So it’s going to slow calibrations if they would have used us and had their stuff properly calibrated those inspections would have went well and they would not have been put out of business. Yeah. And that’s not to say that that was the reason why they went out of business. That was really significant problem. The calibrations community takes calibration seriously. They might have using trace one. That’s probably right.

Could have been Tektronix maybe have no idea. I know it wasn’t precision calibrations or they would not be out of business. I feel strongly about that. That is my personal opinion. I’m sticking to it.

Well so I think this might be that that job so what job are you talking about the folks can’t can’t see got to remember we’re talking about the Tulsa calibrations community here that’s who’s tuning into our podcast because they’re interested in how to calibrate pressure gauges and torque wrenches and micrometers and calipers and barrel micrometers and they’re interested in what a deadweight tester is. And the theory of Pythagoras Theorem and and how electrons flow and and they just they want to.

They want to know it all man. They want to know should they have an and an and or a man. Well it’s good that you may and or NAND not nor can.

Should did ban tossing celebrations.

That’s good effort man.

You know it’s good that you’ve got enough to talk about and ramble on a little bit calibrations is amazing I love the Tulsa calibrations community.