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Tulsa Calibrations : Opportunities

Welcome back. We’re doing another podcast here. I’m Nate. I’m Travis the undertaker. That’s right don’t forget it. That’s right. You’ll be pushing up daisies. That’s right. And we’re going be talking about collaborations because the calibration world is an exciting calibration world and we are a big part of that coloration world here a precision calibrations doing calibrations in Tulsa as Tulsa calibrations and so we’re glad that you don’t want to spend some time with us to hang out with us a little bit as we discuss calibrations R-squared pie all kinds of calibrations micrometer calibrations and caliber calibrations toward calibrations pressure calibration indicator calibrations and furnace and oven certification. Is that all that also calibrations area. And so all of these can be done anthills calibrations eventually will be Broken Arrow calibrations. It’ll be Oklahoma City colourations. That. Also elevations up Muskogee calibrations prior calibrations. Won’t be long. We will be World-Wide calibrations doing calibrations. Are you entertaining yourself there.


I guess so. So nobody else thinks there was any foul play there.

I was just running the miles around. I wasn’t doing anything naughty. Let’s talk about calibrations man. Come on. Oh there’s just so much talk about calibrations.

So what are some of the things that we want to still get together to streamline Tulsa Calibrations.

Well so I think we need a toolbox with a lot of fittings. So we need to get some hoses together we need to get some things together. We need to I think we’re OK with a cart. And so I don’t really think we need a cart or anything like that over there. I think the big thing man is fittings and he’s got to get we’ve got to be able burn through those those gauges are so many. I think we concerned him a little bit the first time around so we’ve got we’ve got to make up. We’ve got to make it up a little bit. I think next time and we can we can rock and roll stuff because you know he’s the kind of guy you know at the end of day I mean the calibrations have got to be done right. Obviously But but you know we don’t have to spend a whole lot of time on them doing them just don’t get the calibration is all about making it efficient efficiency. That’s right. Get any fish. Well I think there might be opportunity then also to look into you know adding some fittings there. Q What the heck is that. Looks like some kind of Navy or something.

Oh that’s funny. Looks like they’re having a good time. It’s not it’s not and it’s also calibration area. I can tell you that kids are looking at it going mommy mommy what are they doing. Is closer to the still water calibration there. Mommy Mommy why is that animal on top of the other animal.

Tulsa Calibrations So but what we’re saying oh what I was going to say though is over there is that you know we should probably can look at or look for opportunities to you know put teeth in or put some kind of quick disconnects or something. I mean caps you know because if we can be if we can if we can be you do a calibration over there for the next 10 years. I mean it would be worth it Mandar so much there. You know I’m saying you know maybe well-worth well worth it to put a little invest a little bit in that to make it easier and make it faster.

So it’s a no go on that house.

That’s too bad especially since it’s a totally calibrations area. That’s right. A lot of high pressure testing. Yes it is.

We’re kind of we’re kind of becoming high pressure experts. You don’t want it to go in your eye. No as a matter of fact that’s a bad place for it to go especially under high pressure under high pressure not much has NO MORE. Yeah I think so. I mean I think you’re going to get though I think you’re going to get a socket clean out. Yeah. Yeah. Push the ball right back in your head. That’s why it’s a good idea to have some good safety glasses on.

Where are your safety glasses. I don’t know man. I have my safety glasses on in case that monitor right there burst in front of us from awesomeness. Oh that’s true. That was a lot of monitors in the Tulsa calibrations area that burst from awesomeness.

Yeah. You know that did you. No I didn’t and I don’t know that I’ve witnessed a war out here. This is I’m just I mean I’m over it.

I’m just too much fun. I just want really good stuff.

Know we’re getting that content out there though like almost like man we’re getting there though. Good weekend.

Yeah I’m ready for a good weekend too. I want to I’m going to go and have my birthday dinner tonight. Give me some sushi.

Tulsa Calibrations I’m probably going to go home and go to bed. By 8:00 I hope research is absolutely fantastic. You’re kidding right. No no no no. It’s in the dark. Excellent. Are you serious. Are you going to crash early tonight. No. I’m ready for this week to be over the rest. So that’s how you do it. You just go to bed. I mean that’s the time machine. It is. You know we think about the time machine from your naval deployment days I’d even think about that. But you know you’re right man you just you just quickly move right into use time warp man and did like 10 12 hours later. It’s the time machine so you’re going to go to bed at 8:00 you can wake up like that’s why I like to wake That’s why I like to go to sleep knowing what my agenda for the next day is. I hate not knowing what my agenda is for the next day. OK. So that helps you get out of bed too because you know like this is what you’ve got going. I actually finally got to work on that. I got to work. Yeah. I got to work on that man because I don’t do that anymore anymore. About eight o’clock rolls around I’m just like I wish I could make time just stand still. And just like stay in that time at 8:00 you know somewhere in there somewhere in the evening time when it’s like when it’s like you know you get what you want to do.

You’re in the right atmosphere you give your family whatever it’s like. I wish time would just stand still and so I used to just love going to bed man I’m like man it’s the greatest part of the day.

But now I’m just like now I’m just like man and when if I go to bed I got to get up the other time in the mornings or mornings for a while now I’ve just been a killer. That might be because you’re not going to bed. Maybe I did try staying up later. Actually no I need six hours of sleep but I’ll try. I’ll try. So if you get a degree up at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning probably.

Wow. But I usually get up at 4:00 every day. But when you get up that early and then you’re just you just like get up and watch TV or something right. No. It depends. OK well.

Because I mean I guess if you get up that early then you have something that you enjoy doing then that’s cool because for me I mean I get up and I’m just getting out the door.

Tulsa Calibrations It’s like I love watching the sunrise. It is nice. What time Sun what time sunrise right now. Pretty early. That’s right before. It’s like you know if it’s 6:30 a.m. OK. So I was thinking I figured it’s pretty early but it’s after 6:00.

Well you know I say sunrise I’m not in an area where I can actually see the sun rise. But I like whenever you know it goes from dark to now you can see you know. Yeah. I don’t get a clear shot of the horizon but that’s when the birds start chirping and then I like to look outside and look at the horses I like to go sit on my patio and smell. I love the early mornings. Definitely a morning person.

Wow. So my daughter found a home on Zillow and it says it’s a foreclosure or foreclosed. And then I’m trying to think how that works now. And as far as could if it’s not listed with a realtor I mean basically you should go to the bank. So you literally should be called the bank right.

Right. And locate the person that has that file the bank owns. Yeah and so you go to the bank and you figure out who’s handling the file. Basically right you basically give them an offer but they’re going to want to watch and they’re going to want to close on it like quick right there.

Do they handle contracts and all that I mean will they actually like send you a contract and say a bad thing about medicine with foreclosures aren’t actually bad short sales is a different story. Well we’re talking about a foreclosure. Right. So no what the bank is going to do is they’ll have somebody you know that they’ll want you to use. But the truth is the seller has the right to use any broker they want. You can’t be forced to use somebody else’s causing agent Tulsa Calibrations.

OK. Now you can have to the buyer can have their own and the seller can either own or they can use one. But you can’t be the buyer has the choice to use their their own.

I always use David Dreier period buyer or seller one way Gaby’s trying it trying to find a house down here man. So. You know but they just don’t have a whole lot. I don’t even I don’t think I need to find out she can even get pre-qualified and pre-qualified for what I’m saying where she went where she wants to live.

Sounds like I might need to get me a rental house. Well I don’t you do. I’m telling you man I’ve been thinking about that more and more Actually it’s time to pull the trigger on that deal.

Yes totally time to pull the trigger on that because I see all these auctions houses man all the time almost every day I get one of those. And it’s like right there and Claremore check it on Zillow make sure it’s worth 75 percent.

All right. All right. I’ll do that.

I’ll start and I’ll start doing that. And if I find this one man has to be it has to be ready. Turn key rented and have 25 percent equity in it. When it’s all said and done the maximum all in. That’s not the best deal but that’s that’s still a good deal. That’s still a transaction for me to be. All right man well I’m going to I want to start putting a little bit of energy into what my. I know what the expectations and guidelines are that have been derived. You haven’t had your you haven’t had your dinner over there yet. No but I talked to an all time. OK Tulsa Calibrations.