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Tulsa Calibrations : Power Consumption

Well I think we should keep on you know talking about this bus while we are on the subject of Tulsa calibrations because you know precision collaborations has a lot of expertise and I think you know a lot of expertise to put that put that bus together man and we were just talking about the power consumption. And I think a lot more.

So I need some disco lights Man I need it. I was thinking about the pole. You know we could use a pole dance with this. If I get some get some people on there we could have a good time with that. But a power consumption so you know there’s going to be. So I’ve found this distribution panel at up in Arkansas or Missouri. Let’s see where we go. It was up in Missouri from the distribution panel so we could bring the or the AC plug right into that baby and gives us DC voltage circuits like 12 DC voltage circuits so I can plug in and have some you know the disco lights and you know the fuzzy balls with the old TVs and stuff you know and this is for running the air conditioner on top of the bus. Yeah. So I mean you can bring the A C and I’m thinking I may have this convert or it’s actually a converter so it takes the AC power and gives us the Gibbs’s DC power so that it also keeps the batteries charged at the same time. So it’s all one unit running off AC power. Yeah so the AC comes in we’ll plug in you know plug in the big cable AC power and then you take power and then take. Well yeah then we’ll use that power and it will give us DC power so we can use our lights and different things but we can also run air conditioners off of it everything.

So yeah yeah that’s a good idea then you can run run a lot of like automotive lights up in there like camper’s and fifth wheels and then all runs off DC so yeah just a few AC any man with Ltd’s and everything.

I mean apparently if there’s some misunderstanding and I like a little flashlight it is ladies and how much little how much power they use for the amount of light you get out of them. So I’m trying to do everything as much as I can. Just want to run right off the battery. You know just come off this little 12 volt DC because you know also when you’re cruising down the road and you want to be you’ll flip lights on and stuff you know if it’s at night and you aren’t in the back whatever it’s up. Absolutely. I’m trying to pimp out the driving area though man I wanted it. I was thinking about it last night after you left. You know I was kind of thinking about how the cabinet could go behind the seat and maybe how something cool could be made but like in that area just to the right you know where you’re sitting when you’re driving and stuff like that. I want to know where the kegerator is going on. So I couldn’t get I couldn’t get Congress to pass that bill. So that couldn’t get the boss to agree on that kegerator it just not you know that’s the thing about the bus manager you’re so limited on space you know. There are just only so much space you can give up my shoulder and keep my kegerator. Hey you know that’s that’s an interesting. That’s interesting that you would say that because this one is this this toilet that we got is so versatile and so transportable that it’s just basically you can be moved around so you know truth is bad.

You know when the truth is it could be stored in the closet or something because it’s just this freaking little plastic box thing you know it’s just a standalone.

Yeah totally. Yeah. It’s like I’m put in the water to keep it going it’s only cost you about a buck.

You know like a bucket flush basically you know. So if you at a park and stuff you’re going to use the restroom and stuff anyway. But if you use this thing man you can do your business. And when you hit the hit the I’m done but I’m not sure what happens. But it in bags it up and now basically bags it up inside. No smell no nothing.

Tulsa Calibrations It’s what you put in water tanks and stuff in there that. Oh yes. I got to put something in because I couldn’t tell you. You need a shower like water and a great water and you need a black water and a great water tank and a white water. No no no no black white water and grey water.

Yeah yeah. Yes I need to do that. Still I got to figure out a man has so much room underneath that thing that there’s built put these bus these tanks in.

But yeah. Anyway so we’re glad they’re still there. You know what we’re talking about so yeah that’s going to be the fun of it for you know. I mean yeah. We’ve got to make it good we got some lights. We got to make it good with some sound. I need to put. I need to put it. I want to put a stereo system in there and you know that does thump and man so we can have some knockdown. Yeah.

It might not work and it’s not working.

Yeah. How are you hearing it.

Because I’m hearing it in my mind’s eye.

I’m actually listening to it on headphones and you’re not I’m I’m actually I’m just I’m just thinking about all the Tulsa calibrations that I did this week and it’s just I’m just flying on cloud nine. Yeah. Hey what number we are now and we’re only 16.

I mean we’re good at it. Exactly.

So we’re going to keep calibrate in a way to happiness though. Tulsa calibrations. Yeah. So we so talking about the generator. Let’s switch Let’s switch gears talk about it specifically what kind of generator is it how big is it what color is it.

What kind of sound does it make when it’s running. What does how does it feel when you touch it.

Well I’ll be honest with you. Oh hey by the way here’s the here’s the cabinets and stuff that we’re talking about done.

So were these guys me are cabinet bottoms everything. That’s nice. It is give nice said. Another one here a couple of that’s for asking.

So. So tell me how it feels when you touch the generator. That’s what I want to know. I want to I want to know how it feels. So I’ll tell you what I’ve got a picture of the generator. And you know we’re on our podcast just can’t see your pictures. Well so I want you to see if you will be able to express to the people out there that what it looks like.

Wow man you’ve got a neon green half bright pink generator.

That is impressive. That is a pretty impressive little Generac is impressive. You know what I thought I was only one out of flux capacitor you must really be doing a good job with Tulsa calibrations in Tulsa calibrations. Those are very hard to keep calibrated and it’s important to keep and calibrate. Where did you get your flux capacitor from. So I got it from back to the future. Well I’ve got mine in the future. Wow. Know right. Wow I know right. I mean what are we missing. And at the same time we must be calibrate in the same shit. Let’s see here you know what. Wow man this generator has a fuel line. I see that and it’s got several of these little lines. I wonder if it has diesel go into that fuel line. I’m having a feeling right now that that little diesel is the is is is is the fuel line calibrated in Tulsa colorations. I don’t know. I don’t know that I didn’t personally do. Did you do it because I don’t remember calibrate that.

It looks to me like the most important moving part on this generator is this here bottle of Seafoam deep cleaning lubricant.

And I’m wondering what they use that for. Because I didn’t know that was used with precision calibrations.

I think that’s what they used to paint it lime green and hot pink. OK. OK. So it’s important to have that available then. You got to have one bad ass Tulsa calibrated see foam deep cleaning lubricant can that sprays out hot pink and lime green paint on a ok gasoline diesel driven kind of a mix slush from the future with a capacitor I’d have to calibrate it all out.

Tulsa Calibrations Exactly. And back to the future. That’s pretty bad ass man. I’m jealous. Yeah it is kind of cool. 16000 Watts. See what the they pump.

Looks like it’s a Martin diesel generator. You know I mean I can’t be certain it’s been a long time since I’ve seen one of these things but you know I think their phone number might actually be like Mike blank 7:08 to blink blink blink blink. That is amazing. How did I remember that. That is impressive. A lot of us have been there before. You know it seems like there’s some idiot switches and lights on this thing isn’t the thing from Ohio.

Yes. Didn’t they get calibrated from awhile. Can you call me when you have it. Do you get done calibrating this here a lime green generator you can call me.

Ok well my wife just doesn’t know that we’re we’re talking about buses today and kilowatt generators. We’ve got two minutes left and 15 seconds. OK. So I’m going to say OK.

So. So I’m thinking that generator is putting out at least one want. Right. It’s like a water too. Yeah. Or there’s a fractions somewhere in there. So. So you can probably hook up at least I mean I don’t think I give to my phone.

Yeah yeah I should really charge charge and blow up the air too. Ok maybe get some time because we have we got three.

What do they call they go on the boat and pull people when you try to flip them and they think it’s fun what you’re really trying to kill them back there.

What’s it called now the two. Oh yes it’s called being a dad too. So we need to air those two. OK. That’s right. So we can kill them on three kids with calibrating love. Well we can get the how the hand-pump for the kids and I know we got this generator from Ohio. OK. Why

else would they paint it lime green and hot pink if it wasn’t to blow up OK.

That’s right. That’s serious. That’s true. No we’re in good shape I think. And there’s really not a thing to take care of that pretty easy.

I don’t know why it wouldn’t. So let’s see what else. So I don’t know that we’ve talked enough about Tulsa calibrations and precision calibrations. No yes we definitely should talk a little bit more about some Tulsa calibrations.

What do you think. I think Tulsa calibrations It’s good to be out there for all the time for for now to the end of humanity. Claremore calibration seems to be getting pretty popular.

Seems to be getting a lot of productivity coming out of Claremore a lot of calibrating and done not to be confused with toxic elevations because toxic elevations is not the same as Claremore calibrations but Claremore calibrations is just as important as toxic elevations. But if you’re from Claremore and you ask me about Claremore calibrations but you or you’re from Tulsa and you ask me what Tulsa colorations I mean I have I can’t tell him that one is better than the other.

Now I just got to love all the calibrations and I think you do a really good job that I can tell I can I can feel the love when you’re around Tulsa calibration calibrations are in my soul.

We’re going to we’re going to pick up again on the 17 everybody