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Tulsa Calibrations : Quality Checked

All right everybody welcome back.

We’re still talking about precision calibrations we are serving the Tulsa calibrations community and we’re faithfully doing so now for I believe seven years. We have been talking about the referrals that we’ve been getting and the growth that we’ve been experiencing and the humbleness that our community has been allowing us to show and to express and to hopefully pass on. You know we really enjoy what we do. We enjoy being part of quality control we enjoy knowing that our manufacturers that are in the Tulsa calibrations community that the gear that we process that we verify and that we check in that they they’re on used to process their tools and their products and their goods on to the consumers that’s us.

You know we all live here in Tulsa. You know that’s why we’re.

That’s why we’re serving the Tulsa calibrations community. And you know it gives us pride knowing you know that we learned we learned integrity through our military experiences we learned how to properly control and coordinate a quality program. We’ve seen firsthand the catastrophes that happen when quality is ignored. But we also have common sense. You know we also can we also understand what you’re doing with your tools and what you are and what your goals are and how it affects you. And so we’ll give you all your options and let you decide. We don’t push you. No way no how we are we are we just give you the information we like to we’d like to say We’re problem solvers but in reality we just give data to allow our customers to problem solve problems. You know we’re not going to we’re not going to bullshit. We’re not going to we’re not going to hold your hand. You know we’re just going to let you know. You know this is what’s going on. These are our options. This is what we can do.

You know this week was was was fun. We did. We had several pressure gauges we did several feeler gauges with the super Mike. We did and we did a K thermal couple ex tech measure device.

We could tell you I mean torque wrenches I didn’t. My biceps are getting stronger that’s for sure those 250 pounders get you know you’ve got to you’ve got to put your wrist in your bicep into the be there all day.

But you know that’s what we do a precision calibrations. You know we’re working hard to serve Tulsa calibrations community and we’re expanding our inventory we’re expanding our equipment capabilities. We are expanding our friendships we’re expanding our customer base. We are expanding our knowledge. We are expanding. Our community friendships and. And you know we’re we’re excited to see the good results that are that we’re experiencing out there in our communities in our manufacturing facilities in our machine shops. I mean it’s just I mean it’s just unbelievable you guys. A lot of people don’t realize the manufacturing that happens is right here underneath our noses. I mean we’ve got companies that are building calous Oggy Motors We’ve got companies that are building plastics for trappy anything and everything you can imagine all the way from what goes into our food to what holds our crates together.

We have lots of companies around the area that. Are building all kind of weapon parts systems fins and all kinds of stuff to go on all kinds of different military equipment. I won’t get too specific because I hold a secret clearance and I don’t know.

Anyway anyway you know we got a lot of military to be Heckel development a lot of vehicle manufacturing and a lot of different types of trailer military manufacturing around here a lot of weapon system military weapon manufacturing around here. You know a lot of stuff you know precision calibrations is working hard to always be there to help out. And you know to serve Tulsa calibrations community you know what it’s about. You know we want to make sure that what you need to do what you do is what it’s supposed to be. So you got what you need. And we all receive. On the other hand what we’re hoping to do and I mean what more can we ask for.

I mean as long as as long as.

We all do our part you know we will make sure our parts are right and you make sure that the part we buy from you is good to go around. Sounds like a win win from this guy’s point of view. We’ll see what else. Tulsa calibrations community.

We are doing a lot of electronic calibrations now with Fluke meters. And different types of electronic meter calibrations but we’re focusing right now on Fluke meters.

From simple to be whatever. You know if it’s power we’ll do it. But.

If you go to the precision calibrations dot com and you can click on several tabs up there free to play on. But you can click on scope. And you can click on.

You can scroll up and down you can see you can see our accreditations because our registration numbers. There’s several other tabs there. There’s a testimonials tab you can click on that you can see several reviews. We are gracious and humbled to have received. We’ve had a couple of customers go out of their way to record videos there you can see here they’re obviously not professionally done they’re they’re real they’re from the heart. You know they’re good people that we work hard for. You know they’re in charge of multimillion dollar companies here in the Tulsa calibrations community area and they trust precision calibrations and you know if you got something that needs calibrated doesn’t matter what it is doesn’t matter if it’s pressure gauges calipers micrometers high high resistance.

You might have rectifiers you might have some TLC logic problems you might have and maybe need some auto dealers install Maybe you need some logic gate coding done.

So those auto dialers know what to do. Maybe you need some thermocouples installed in some tanks because you don’t want to keep probing it manually and you would like to know what tanks read all the way at your desk and that’s all fordable stuff. I mean we’re good at it we’re quick at it very efficient at it. You know it’s not as expensive as you might think. You know we’re not out there trying to bleed our community dry. We do good honest work for what we charge. We stand behind our work. We stand behind our word. You mean don’t forget it was all of our tax dollars that that trained us. And you know it took that serious. We brought that back home and we’re still utilizing it for our community. So you know we were trying to service our local community. You know we would like to get so saturated here at home that we don’t go anywhere else or do anything else. We really believe that a community should be together you know community strong is a is a is more than a phrase you know our kids share the same schools the same school systems at least we’re all in the same mini economy.

You know I just if I can buy local I buy local and the same thing goes with calibrations. You can have a multibillion dollar company come do your calibrations where they don’t really care about who you are or not. You know there are you know I just to think about you know I think our testimonials I think our reviews and our feedbacks and I think I think we’re on the right track. You know we’ve made we’ve made mistakes along the way.

We work real hard to rectify those and we do a fantastic job of doing so and we’re willing to work hard for your work and for your trust. And if you get us in the door and you have to Tulsa calibrations need you know persisting calibrations is you need to call.

You can reach me directly on my cell at 9 1 8 6 1 9 3 5 2 5. I can be found at Travis precision calibrations dot com. That’s Travis precision calibrations dot com all one word. And there’s a form you could just fill out there on the Web site at the reader with a precision calibration dot com or.

Well like I said you got myself you know feel free to call. We’re servicing the Tulsa calibrations community all of Oklahoma calibrations all of Texas calibrations all of Arkansas collaborations.

A little bit in Missouri little Missouri calibrations. You know if it makes sense we’ll come help you out. But what we our local veterans and we like to work hard for our local community and no matter where we go no matter what we do we bring our steadfast integrity and hard work with us.

Can’t wait to do business with you. Tulsa calibrations precision calibrations