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All right everybody this is going to be part number two.

So we’ve been talking about the Tulsa calibrations community. I’m traveling from Princeton calibrations our fearless leader and founder Nate is not with us today. So we’re going have to flog him and my after making buy me dinner. So you know. Yeah. But that’s life. YOU KNOW WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO ABOUT IT.

But yeah so we are we are talking about.

Tulsa calibrations travels with precision calibrations.


Well. Let’s see. What are some funny things that have happened lately. We’ve got a few phone calls lately asking if we calibrate cars. So I am all for growing in my Tulsa calibrations community but I do not calibrate cars. I mean maybe if it was a specific thing on the car perhaps but just to calibrate a car.


I think that’s I think that asking a bit much. You know. So you might just you might just think about that before you call.

Little common sense people.

But you know we can’t we can’t all have common sense. So you know you might just want to go to David David a precision calibrations dot com and click on the Contact Me page and just send an email and I’ll just I’ll just look through the nonsense and we won’t talk about it again.

So it looks like we have our first caller here.

The Travis innate precision calibration show and we’re just we’re just sitting here chillin talking about Tulsa calibrations community and and you know the different needs of the week and the different challenges that we’ve had and it looks like we have a caller here so who are you here. Who’s is this. Now there must be a technical difficulty or maybe not maybe I’m wrong that the light was blinking maybe there’s nobody there. You know we might need to calibrate that phone. I mean that very well could be. I mean that would go right along with the funny conversation that I got earlier this week about somebody trying to get me to calibrate a car.

I mean people just people are crazy.

But I mean that’s life. So how’s your day. How’s everybody’s day is doing great. I mean we are calibrating ourselves to happiness here and precision calibration world.

So. So how so how is your day. Huh. He was good in what was good about it.

I’m funny. Listen we are we are just sitting here discussing Tulsa calibration community needs and how precision calibration has.

Well we have a high referral rate and we have a extremely low callback rate and we’re pretty much the cheapest.

So be on the blog. You know we’re we’re kind of like we’re kind of like the dirty girl at the end of the blog that’s so cheap that you know better than to touch but you almost think that what she’s telling you is the truth.

But you can’t quite make up your mind but it’s too good of a price that you got eventually try it. And then once you try it you just you just wonder why it took so long to try it. Well that’s that’s that’s precision calibrations for you. But you know we’re getting the word out now. And you know we’ve gone to the doctor and taken care of all that stuff so. So so now. So now if you have any tools like calibration community needs you know you can you can contact me directly.

And I want a 6 1 9 3 5 2 5. Or you can e-mail me at Travis and calibrations dot com or like I said the easiest thing to do is go to the precision calibrations dot com. Click on Contact Us page. There’s a there’s a form that I keep optimizing and you can ask whatever you want. You know if the form sucks put in their name and your form so you need this out of the other I’ll get it changed. But if you don’t voice your opinion you know then don’t then don’t gripe. The election’s over if you didn’t vote. SHUT UP.

But hey that’s just my opinion. What do I know what do I know.

I know that I’m about seven minutes little less than that from from properly chopping these here wave files and exporting them and and and I guess I guess my. Calibration community podcasting for the week will be over.

And my journey my journey to the north west will begin once more. And I’ll let you know when I’m 20 minutes away from pizza. And I. Do you think Peter has calibrated oven’s. I bet they don’t I bet they don’t know of it. They don’t understand why they keep burning the pizzas.

If they were and if they were in the Tulsa calibrations community I would let them know that we were 27 50 Rev e specialists and that we were fully.


Compliant to the HMS 27 50 Reavy with fully certified gear. We do we do a lot of thermal surveys and well we find a lot of junk ovens out there until we get down with them and then they’re not junk no more.

But customers have been known to cry when we tell them that their ovens junk.

But you know how you might have some torque wrenches that you need that you need calibrated and you know it just so happens in my other back pocket. I’m 4:43 accredited ISO lab. So you know if you want to do it every day with precision calibration is dotcom and you checked out my tab there that I added a scope with an S and A C and an O N A P n n he you would see my beautiful scope that we worked very hard and diligently to get.

And that golden awesome seal of accreditations showing that our quality program is second to none and is just as good as the multibillion dollar company down the street. Because the reality is we manage. Oh I would say I’d have to look at my database but I would say we manage for multibillion dollar quality programs completely 100 percent. I’d say we 50 percent manage at least. A dozen. 500 million dollar companies and everybody in between just calls us whenever they got to get away with something because a customer is asking.

But hey it’s not my job to judge I’m not the I’m not the judge and jury you know if I get there and it’s messed up and it’s messed up I don’t know what to tell you. I give you these papers is messed up.

When I’m done it probably won’t be messed up no more. What do you do with it after that. I can’t say.

But. If you’re if you’re looking to get the roof of your car cleaned. We have a good example right here of what a clean roof should look like. So if you’re in the Tulsa colorations community then you have need for precision calibrations and you’re looking for an integrity company that’s better known and better and operated and and second to none to excellence then you should probably give us a try.

But if you’re happy with your subpar services and you and you love not getting your certificates for what my customer told me yesterday they’re still waiting. Two months later they still haven’t got their certificates. If you wait two months for a certificate my friend the dam’s calibration didn’t happen. Dominic Specter and you don’t get certificates in two months. I’m shutting you down. I’m pulling my certification from your oven and you are going to find somebody else because that is just that’s just that’s just unacceptable.

We can use all kinds of adjectives and nouns and probably a few verbs to get over the cross but we will no need. Let’s see what we’re talking about for two minutes. See I think I got some surveys coming up next week. Oh I can’t use my phone. I’d look at my I’D look at my my calendar but it’s occupied right now from our first caller that won’t talk but that’s OK. That’s OK.

We’ll find this clip one day and we’ll redo it and. We’ll play it back and we’ll hear her giggling in the background.

And by then we might be calibrating phones. You never know you just never know what the Tulsa calibration community is going to throw at you. But one thing’s for sure persistent calibrations at least check it out for you.

Tulsa Calibrations And if we can’t do it we know somebody who can and we can facilitate it and take a bunch of headaches off your hands you know because that’s what we like to do. We like to take headaches away from people and. And give pillows and mints and little fuzzy feelings in and took you in at night. You know.

So it’s it’s it’s been a long week in one sense it’s been a fast week and another a rather fast.

Or two hours of podcasting. And. I think my evening is only going to get better if I can beat this damn storm that’s about to get in between me and my girl.

Tulsa Calibrations But I got to go home pack a bag still. I got to get my boys get them calibrated and I gotta take my namesake to his apartment. Let him calibrate a bag. Then I got to get on the road and head to my calibrated route. So I’m not optimistic but we’ll get there. We’ll get we’ll get there. Well guys it’s been fun it’s been real fun. We’ll see you next week. I’m Travis with precision calibrations We’ll talk to you later.