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Tulsa Calibrations : Really Encouraging

Pod cast on this great Friday precision calibrations doing calibrations in Tulsa calibrations world I’m Travis and I’m Nate and we are making the Tulsa calibrations community better one day at a time and we’re hoping you guys are going to continue to go along on that journey with us one day at a time. I think it’s time that we look into our fanmail we’re going to famil. Yeah did. Did we get some fanmail this week. We got a we had we had we had our first caller.

We can get another caller.

We have a fan mail caller and this fan mail is just really enjoying listening and reading the podcast that is out Tulsa calibrations.

That is correct.

And so these are really encouraging to get this feedback because we are excited to be talking about colorations and nothing pleases me more than to be thinking and talking about calibrations.

Literally nothing.

This is this is the epitome of of joy joy joy to the community. Thank you for that Travis. You’re welcome. That’s good. So but fanmail So we’ve got some fan mail in expressing just how you know how good we’re doing. But I noticed that they were really excited about you Travis and your you know your voice and you know they got that you were just it’s really a must be a really cool dude. I guess we must we need to get our picture out there. You know it’s like it’s like radio personality you know you try to figure out what a person looks like when you listen to him on the radio and then one day you see him at the fair and they don’t look anything like what you thought they look like they’re really into comedy. Well I do yeah.

Do you still. But Brian Brenton fill in the morning you know yemo Do you remember those guys right.

Was it died man Brant Brant died right.

I don’t remember that. Wait

did he die. What was Phil in branch. It was Phil and Brant in the morning and he was the guy that did. He’s the guy that also. He also did those phone prank phone calls.

MERCER Oh yeah. Mercer Yeah yeah yeah I was good like I was a clown.

I don’t know how he’s I don’t know how he came up with some of the stuff he came up with man but he was an ass.

He was a mess man but I think.

I think he died. I don’t remember now but I’m pretty sure he died more. Which I believe that he missed Casey Kasem had to go check him out again man. Wow. Yeah pushing up daisies. Yeah. Daisy’s going to be there soon enough. That’s why we can’t waste our whole damn life. We all have that appointment.

We all got that one wrong. Pushing up daisies especially in the Tulsa calibrations daisies.

And that’s why we’re here to talk buzz toll’s calibrations.

So we were talking about the the the transducers that got calibrated down there in Bartlesville calibrations with the Tulsa calibrations equipment.

Yeah yeah. So I think there were 15000 PSII. Yeah.

And we’re working towards doing 30000 PSII I guess we keep getting phone calls for that so we’ve got to. Expand our capabilities a little bit while we can do 30000 which can’t transducers we really are.

Listen I’m really curious if we can recalibrate the transducer we have to 30000 that’s worth trying because the body is built for 30000 it’s built and marked for 30000 0 the 20000. Yeah. And I think it just came certified as 20. I think they were off out of there I think they were out of $20000 20 K bodies grabbed a 30 K calibrated to 20 and sent it out the door. We used to do the same thing at some other place I used to work.

Well you know the good news is man even if we had to buy another one for say $5800 we have our deadweight testers so we could actually recalibrate.

So we’re really only out the initial cost but if we already have one that will do 30000 why would we want would even spend the money on it. Yeah yeah. Boy I don’t know I just don’t know. I’d be really kind of hesitant to try to use something that’s beyond its manufacturers prescribed capability.

How could we how could we know if it was indeed manufactured to do 30. But it’s just choked down to 20. That’s that’s I think it was manufactured. Well I guess you could ask you instead of one right.

Blow up the first one. That’s true. That’s true.

OK. Well the good news Candler I guess the good news is that they do.

They do hold up pretty well. No more than what we’re using. And so if we bought one you know we’d have it for a long time. And you know so it’s probably worth it. It probably worth getting one.

All right. Yeah. I don’t know. We’ll see. So when is the when are those handles you think. Do On the next cycle that he was talking about up there over it. ERIC. Oh no. I’ve been Bartlesville.

I don’t know I guess I probably just need to get a hold nice and talk to her about it and figure out what what what’s happening there.

Tulsa Calibrations Because she was supposed to have been in contact with him and and I was really encouraged today talking with clay you know more about closing the deal. You know how important it is to close the deal. And I think she I think she needs to be up here a couple of times to let him really talk about closing the deal you know because it is an attitude it is an attitude is a lot to be said about just shoot an email out there and hope and you know people respond and want to use you. But if there’s if there’s opportunity man it’s like grab a hold of it get it get it now man don’t. Don’t wait. That’s what I was thinking of Eric because I was thinking man if he’s you know if he sent us a list and we send a quote we need to be like OK let’s get you on the schedule you know let’s get there let’s make this happen you know don’t don’t think about it no more you know don’t go. Absolutely. I’ll I’ll get with her I’ll talk to her about that tonight a little bit as we’re having Osaka some some yummy yummy food.

So are you calibrating your weekend here in that’s also calibrations world.

I don’t know man. I don’t know you know what I’ve had so much fun this week calibrating. You know what. I may just not. I may just do something different. I can’t imagine I’m going to try it. It would be a shame to not do any calibrations. I’m going to try to do something other than calibrating this weekend. I’m just I’m just going to try. I don’t know what that’s going to be like. I don’t know what the outcome will be. I don’t want high efficiency to be good. Oh really should be. Are you a fisherman. I used to be OK. I know your gardener has a garden come in.

Well like everything else it takes time and what I got planted is doing amazing and what didn’t get planted is way behind the eight ball. OK because the heavens have opened up for us. Weekend after weekend after weekend for some time now. I’ve got some potatoes like nobody’s business. Really. Oh yeah. So you do a lot of potatoes then. They just got them in the ground early and took advantage of all the rain.

Do you have some good recipes for potatoes. Crock pot. OK. Yeah. Some star like. Some stew titers some Tater’s the Crock-Pot what’s redneck’s what’s you know what’s the redneck do with Tator.

Well we go out and we get some some opossum. It’s the most awesome way to get us. Oh possum. Where do you find the opine and if we can’t get the opossum then we get the old coon dogs out and we calibrate them up the tree.

OK. OK. So you’re not talking about just driving the back roads and finding them on the road or anything. No. You’re not you’re not into the roadkill.

Well in the Tulsa calibrations world we opossums there are back road kill.

OK. OK. We hunt the coons. I see with calibrated dogs calibrated dogs 22 caliber guns. Yep calibrate it. OK calibrated.

Trigger finger calibrated trigger finger. So if you get shot in the ass it was on on accident. So I don’t care what. I don’t care what Dick Cheney said. We all know he did it on purpose. He

shoot the vice president. You

don’t remember he shot. Oh yeah. Did he shoot was it Al Gore.

What do you shoot.

Oh I didn’t kill him or anything. No he got some buckshot. That’s right.

We were done but thought it was.

Funny. Hey man we need to be looking out for some some way to fabricate a way to do speedometers would be in a lot of calls for that speedometers like car seat.

Oh I bet he doesn’t. Who does that kind of stuff. I mean there’s got to be all we get to have are some kind of a roller system and we can have a calibrated way of measuring the circumference of the tire and then check the rpm. And there you go. We can figure it out we can make it happen. You know some of those places that you can put your car in and it would be on rollers. Yeah but that was for tuning the engine.

Tulsa Calibrations Right. I mean that would be used. That could be used that was matter of fact you could just have an RPM meter on the roller itself.

The actual roller and then just know the circumference of the roller and you could determine how fast you’re going. So yeah. Yeah that’s. Yeah that would work. Yeah.

So anyway what I think these people are looking for a piece of paper to take to court. For speeding tickets.

Oh that could be that could put ourselves out there a little bit. But we know we don’t mind. To some degree because mean what we do is right. You know we only do it if we could prove