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Tulsa Calibrations : Really Great

I’m not sure if we can keep up with the pin story or not. But you know there’s a lot to be discussed around pans and the need for precision calibrations to do also calibrations work to properly make the pin fit your hand and to properly flow the ink from the pen Tulsa Calibrations.

I believe that’s really all right so we’ve covered we’ve covered holding in your hand economically economically ergonomically.

Yes. We’ve already we’ve already we’ve already discussed some improvements we could do there.

And again you guys don’t forget all this is all has to do with Tulsa Calibrations .

That’s right.

So this is a good topic though do you know that we can continue on because I’m just I’m holding this pin still and thinking about the importance and the value of what what this has for not only me but for all of our customers for their customers. And so the list just goes on and on government contracts military government type stuff. But the piano is one of those things that you know if it’s properly made ergonomically made it can be very important and a very good tool to use. You know even in the calibration world we use these pads all the time. You know we can’t when we’re calibrating micrometers and cowardy pressure gauges you know calibrating torque wrenches the pen just always seems to come up and it’s always right there seems like it’s it seems like it’s just always there. Like it follows me around because I won’t even be using the pen. But then just as soon as I need it it’s like it’s it’s right there. It’s almost like it knew that I needed it so the pins just shows up and the next thing you know I’m holding it and you know you mentioned earlier before about the pin and make you know that it’s not only important at the pin or hold correctly in your hand and move it freely as as we do at Tulsa in Tulsa colorations but but that there was a pin that we can make and come up with a design where when you’re holding it it’s not just serving a function or purpose but it’s actually doing something for me that I can that I can get. I have an experience with it Tulsa Calibrations.

And so I think there needs to be some thought put into that and I think it precision calibrations. You know we have a team of people that you know brainstorm and have some ideas that come up. They come up with. They come up with some pretty ingenious things and I think that we need to put this on our Friday afternoon list of things to look at because I believe that you know having the calibrations on the pin in Tulsa Oklahoma we could we could really get a new experience of this Tulsa Calibrations.

You know it’s funny that you say something about the pen because you know you know it pops in my mind anytime anybody says anything about the pen. What’s that. Well some of them puzzle my mind again for you but I’m also colorations right what’s on my mind as soon as somebody brings something up about a pin the famous saying about the power of the pen which then gives me great relief because I know that no matter what I ever say about a pen President or all our amazing President Obama will forever hold the biggest gaff.

For. Having a pen and a phone and he’s going to call somebody. How that work out for us.

Well I wasn’t very impressed with the results of a lot of things that he did with that phone. I think that he and I think we should revoke his pen. I think we should uncalibrated spin and also calibrations and we should put out a calibration sticker. Oh wait. The American people already did. Is he again. I don’t know.

He’s getting down on the dance floor somewhere I saw some video here recently on the news enjambment out dancing on the dance floor.

Well I guess we’re too late to uncalibrated somebody is already taken out of calibration. I’m afraid we may have missed that opportunity.

Well you just you just the least you don’t ever have to worry about being the biggest jackass and what you’re going to say about him because that title is held that is held.

It is either. No there’s no beating he’s got the record Tulsa Calibrations.

You know the other thing that I think about a lot with pens and what we haven’t talked about yet the clip is very important to me.

You know I’ve seen this clip be used for many different things. It has a lot of different uses actually.

You know what it seems like there’s always a flaw in the clip it seems like whenever I get rid of a pen most of time is not because the most time I get a is I lost it.

But other than that when I willingly get rid of it normally because the clips broke and that’s sad because the pin can still function completely but it’s not the same but it is not the same. It’s almost like having a piece of gear that you think works properly. But you don’t know it’s calibrated. You know that would be a shame especially for Tulsa calibrations you know but we see that a lot people call us.

You know I’m putting out a fire right now that that a company let their stuff go out of calibration and they just had a just had an audit. And it was a finding for each one of those items that were out of calibration. Wow that’s something that is something. I sure hope they’re OK. I know right on how to do impact if we go calibrate them and they’re like 30 degrees off. Oh my.

Someone’s going to be. There’ll be a lot of work for the quality manager to do. Trying to figure out what kind of product.

I’m sure it’s just fine now right. I mean quality stickers are really just a suggestion. I mean I really don’t get it. I mean aren’t those stickers on there just. Just as a just when they do it next time. Well I mean you know I think they that’s why they got wrote up for it right. I don’t know. I guess he’s trying to calibrate something the league didn’t have the right calibration sticker. But President colorations does the right calibration sticker so it’s not that they don’t have the right calibration sticker it’s that that calibration sticker died in January.

April. So it’s not in anyway. No no no no no no. That’s probably why the clips on my pins keep breaking because April. No because they’re not they’re not celebrating their equipment regularly like they’re supposed to and the pin making company OK and the clip thinks it’s January still. Exactly. OK. But in reality it’s been it’s been used since January and now it’s April. OK. And then it was.

OK I need a good strong clip So guys when we’re out in the field calibrating I mean pins are on your shirt there in your pocket or on your sleeve there on the ground on the ground stepped on. I mean without that clip you might as well have no pain at all.

Yes that’s true. And so especially if we’re doing uniformly surveys and temperature related items like furnaces and furnace certification and stuff like that you know a pin again that clips got to be right. So you know so these uniformly surveys can be properly performed you know with certified equipment and certified wire and all that kind of stuff. So.

So I know we’re talking about Tulsa Calibrations and precision calibrations what some of the what some of the accessories are going to go on the bus.

Oh so Tony talk talk to me a little about the bus. Yes talking about the bus man well I was going to have with the bus so we can have a little let’s let’s just talk about what’s going to happen from the back door back. Let’s go. I want you to go in great detail as much as in your mind’s eye down to the last ball just from the back door back there. So that’s a lot of content. It is a lot of content.

It is always think about is it going to be a bed. Is it going to be.

Are you going to have or are you going to have a closet or are you going to have a hot tub you can have a spa you can have a unicorn you can have a ferrari.

You’re going to have a bar right there and you can have like a little tar and feather pit for when people piss you off. You can throw them in there. You know you might even be able to.

Tulsa Calibrations I’m not sure how big it is you might be able to get a horse stall in there you know as long as you use to also calibrations and bruises and calibrations make sure that the area is calibrated properly and we tell you that you got Never whom you could do it.

But I’m just curious what you’re going to do with the space the 6.9 space so you know I am afraid I will fit the Ferrari and their unicorn but I kind of like the horse idea because the unicorn Oh that would be better. A unicorn. I like unicorns and my kids like you know for unicorns so. But the last six you know because it is always six feet by like eight feet. So it’s just in a six by nine weapons to the nines that is 90 inches I think 93 last night when I was cutting. Now that wasn’t right. Yeah. No I got the numbers wrong. What is it. It’s it’s it’s under eight feet long wide wide Yeah wide wide open from the door back. It’s just it’s I mean to answer your question about is it’s going to be a bed. So that will be the that will be the last second to be the only thing there will be a bed and it’s got to go have to have a cup of light so the lights go out.

So no no no no no. My eyes are closed. I

Tulsa Calibrations want to I want to walk in the back door and as soon as I walk in I’ve got to step on the step. I saw there. I want you to tell me everything I’m going to see all the way up the steps and everywhere. So I’m going to come in I’m going to turn and I’m going turn left. OK I’ll try. I want you to describe what I’m going to see. Try and don’t forget we’re talking also calibrations and all the hand tools that we’re going to calibrate while we are designing this bus and we’re really literally trying to use as many words as we can.

So when I have to stop and think about what I’m saying.

It doesn’t flow quite as quickly but that’s OK I’ll talk about it also calibrations during that time OK so I’ve always got a micrometer story in my back pocket.

Tulsa Calibrations So you get a step up on them on the steps and you’re going to all you’re going to almost immediately just visualize you know the awesome colors and the way that everything just seems to match and everything is just so put together perfectly. That’s the first thing you’re going to notice when you step in. If you look straight ahead there’s going be a little closet right here we’re going to where we hang our clothes. It would be kind of an open closet. Facing towards the back so you won’t necessarily see it but you’ll see clothes hanging in there I’m sure and stuff and then so then the bed is going to be right here right to your left. Matter of fact the bed is going to have to hang over the step just a little bit about three inches. I’m trying to figure out a way to like put a platform maybe over that door the back door could definitely be used.

But are you doing with the back door to be used yes. Too big of a bus to save. You. Oh yes definitely.

You don’t want to but it may be a bag or maybe could be set up in a way that it could be not the primary. So in other words you could easily get out of it if you need it to for safety reasons. But why would you think two bedrooms going with the primary in and out anyway. Right. And so I’m thinking if we could figure out a way to like put a board over that area or something or something just why not just modify the bed. So it increases the. Oh shoot I hit the spacebar dang it. And you know just so it was all. I mean if we can cover the whole it just makes that more of a makes the floor bigger for that bedroom area. That’s all. So anyway over the very some ideas and think about it on the right side though then you’ve got to build a wall on some of the right side. OK. So now you’re looking left and so of course you get the two windows in the back. And so they come up the stairs and now I turn left now I’m facing directly towards the back is the head of the bed on the left or is on the right. It’s in the back. So you know yes. So the feet yeah you your face and so on.

How so is the bed going to be all the way against the left wall the right wall right in the middle rear of the bus right there.

Right right right but it’s not gonna take the whole Senate up it’s going to be centered up and only leaves us about I think it was like 9 inches on either side.

Now that’s just to get around you can put you in the cabinet so cabinets on each side you’re going to be a little nightstand so we can you know lay your phone you know charging overnight whatever. And then we’ll have a couple of ladies over here with a couple of lamps on each side of the on each was for like a reading light type of deal. And yeah and it’s going to be awesome to keep him. And so right above us we’re going to build out we’re going to build out so it’ll overhang over our heads. Tulsa Calibrations You know when you’re laying in bed so and thinking about you know maybe some maybe some speaker jams back there something you know and that really create a shelf and then we’re going to get