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Tulsa Calibrations : Research And Development

All right everybody we’re getting close to the end here. Is like podcast number nine. I was like my nope going to get out there right in the middle of a five hour traffic but that’s OK.

You know what do we got to do.

Well we got to get.

Let’s see. So this is Travis with precision calibrations We’re talking exclusively today about Tulsa calibrations and the community around us and the different needs that we have here. I was briefly discussing some of the different manufacturing that’s happening right here around our noses that nobody knows about. You know we got a lot we got some Boeing customers we got some plating customers we got some railroad customers we’ve got. Got one outfit that’s doing some microprocessor repairing and some fabrications. We got some.

You wouldn’t believe how many research and development labs we’ve got going around here and manufacturing outfits that everything we go into we can’t discuss. But there’s a lot of there’s a lot of stuff happening going and it’s an exciting time for Tulsa. It’s also starting to grow.

And. And we’re done. And I mean.

Tulsa Calibrations The last one time I thought there oh yeah the demand and the in the Word of mouth for precision calibrations is this exploding.

And. It’s you know we’re we’re very grateful we’re very thankful to the Tulsa calibration community if you’ve used us then. Thank you very much. We look forward to seeing you again if you haven’t used us. Hello I’m Travis Nates not here right now. Is at the office you can reach her anytime you can go to the up position calibrations dot com and you can send other notes the form right there. There’s a phone number right there. There’s all kinds of good stuff there. We got a question of a specific piece of gear that’s a good place to go to get information to us.

And of course like I said you can reach out directly to us and and you know it’s really it’s just it’s just whatever you need.

You know also.

So depending on what your needs are in the calibrations community and you know if it’s if it’s if it’s something that we can that we can handle locally and take and take right then and there you know chances are we could do it never back to the next day depending on scheduling You know it’s all about it’s all about making wise decisions a little bit of for a little bit of a heads up so we can let you know real time what we’re looking at will work best.

But it’s also about.

You know what really slows us down in the field is not having the information about the equipment beforehand. If we can get all the information about the equipment the serial number the model number the range if you know the specifications of how you use it and what it’s used that. All those things are tremendous huge helps. And then of course we need an item number for everything. So if we we really need all of that before we come out on site for new gear. So then we can come with there are papers clearly identified the we know serial numbers are already on them. We can come prepared with professional stickers to apply why we’re there if they pass calibration. It’s just as good all the way around. And it’s really the best way to go it’s the most efficient way to go. It saves you money. It gets us gets us on the site and off the site faster which ultimately saves you guys money saves everybody money. And you know we just try to be efficient and and as cost efficient as possible. Not only time efficient but cost efficient. You know we were not trying to get paid for something that we weren’t doing. We are trying to get rich from one customer. So you know we’ve worked on aircrafts. We worked on battleships and we’ve worked on submarines between the two of us.

And you know the work that we do we truly understood was it was life and death. And you know that makes you take a quality program serious you know so if you’re in Tulsa calibrations if you’re in Oklahoma calibrations if you’re in Claremore calibrations just remember precision calibrations is right around the corner and we’re servicing the Tulsa calibrations community and we are expanding. Currently we are currently looking for an experienced lab calibration technician. If you know of anybody you can reach out to me at Travis at prices and calibrations dot com you can reach me on my cell although I will prefer that method for the for business contacts initially. I’d like to call whenever I’m prepared for the conversation of that kind of magnitude. But you can reach me at 9 1 8 6 1 9 3 5 2 5. But email would be best. Travis a precision calibrations dot com you could also reach out to us to our Web site.

Up precision calibrations dot com. There’s a there’s a contact me page on there and then there’s a form you can fill out there with all kind of drop down and you just click there and in the box you can write whatever you want whatever it might be. Hey I’m interested in a job. Hey I’m interested in possibly getting this kind of gear. Can you service it cause you know whatever. Hey you know.

Tulsa Calibrations Thanks for all you do. So anyway just different ways to get a hold of us. There’s a Facebook page too but we don’t really promote Facebook. Our field is more in the professional realm. You know we are taking care of multibillion dollar companies and multimillion dollar companies and $100000 mom and pop companies but all these companies have hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in their equipment and their equipment make something check something does something move something blow something up and in the end the product matters and the quality of the product matters. And that’s that’s why our data that we provide matters. And depending on how you gather that data completely validates whether that data is good or not. Unfortunately And you know a lot of people you know think oh we’ll $70 for one test is ridiculous. When this person does it for 30. But if there’s really that big of a price difference between the same test you need to look at processes and results and you need to ask yourself self what is what am I doing. Why what do I need to know from this test. And then you need to find out if they’re really doing the test that’s adequate to give you the data that you need to properly adjust your product. Because if you don’t then all you’re doing is running a quality program on paper and your product sucks and your sales eventually go down or your recalls keep going up instead of going down. I’ve been on all ends of the spectrum of quality.

I’ve been on all ends of the spectrum from the grunt on the dude that only knows how to pick up a screwdriver to the guy telling him to rebuild the whole damn thing because they missed one step. So you know that stuff matters. A lot of people are too lazy to get down into the nuts and bolts and to check processes. But when it comes to your quality if you’re putting out a product and you put your name on it and you think about that. So if you’re in the Tulsa calibrations area if you are looking for Tulsa calibration services if you’re looking for Claremore calibration services Oklahoma calibration services we are available. We come with high integrity we come with high referrals. Our turnaround time is phenomenal. We just asked for communication communication communication. You know we’re respectful professionals. We value your time. We value your equipment and we look at your equipment like it’s your livelihood and we take it as such. We value when other people value our time and help us do our job more efficiently. That gives you a better product gives it gives you gives you better data because it gives us the ability to gather better data because there are certain things that we can do to get better data. Sometimes it’s in our control sometimes it’s not so much we can do if the customer is not willing to help right if we’re on site doing calibrations they’re really in control of that right. So you know there’s just things to think about and keep in mind whenever you bring in experts on on you know because we were never going to charge you for some of them we didn’t do.

Tulsa Calibrations But we are always going to charge you for our time that we’re there to help you. And if you don’t allow us to be efficient.

Well I mean we’re all going to have to work on that.