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Tulsa Calibrations : More Responsibility

So with precision calibrations doing colorations and Oklahoma colourations Muskogee calibrations machine shop calibrations you know. Pressure gauge calibrations in Tulsa colorations.

We were just talking about something our free hour was now because I was going to always talking about getting up early and coming into to have more fun at precision colorations I think that’s right Tulsa Calibrations.

That’s right. So in my mind I think there’s got to be you know what’s your motive. You know what’s what drives.

You know what drives and so the the the thought is this just just by seeing a business grow you know like with more people more work more functions and more you know tasks and more responsibility.

I mean that’s that’s pretty cool if a guy can be motivated by that you know to see just to see something grow you know become bigger you know because I mean yeah with that comes other benefits like you know going to a Colorado thing you know going skiing and running. I didn’t go to a Colorado thing we’re going to though we need to we need to set a goal I think is what it sounds like to me. And then there was that we hit that goal man and do it.

Tulsa Calibrations So what are your goals and what do you want to do. I don’t know. See that’s the thing man. I mean not just to tell us the calibration. Or just calibrate man it’s just I just calibrate. Design that it’s fun necessarily always right. Yes it is. I calibrate my way to happiness.

Taso calibrations community has been an amazing amazing happiness. Calibration.

So calibrating the calibration world. What do you do with it. You know a lot of people out there need calibrations and we provide great calibrations good customer service I think I get motivated when I talk to new customers. I was I was enjoying that today with you know no one when I’m talking about how good service we’re going to give. And you know how many pumps are gonna blow up. Yeah. How good a relationship. You know that these people could have by no one us and letting us do the work for them and doing calibrations for them. That’s exciting. But then at the end of the day though it’s always seemed to come back to money. So where is it that money can make you happy. You know and so it’s hard because like if you don’t really feel like you need money to be happy then that’s not much of a motivator. You know it’s like a kind of. Oh yeah what do you say about that.

Tulsa Calibrations I don’t know I don’t have that feeling. I had don’t how that feels so either you’ve got to go big or go home I think is what it comes down to.

I had my way about it I’d fly to Florida every other month if I could afford it. So I’m So I’m not there yet. That’s my motivation. My motivation is to get as much time back with my kids that I possibly can before too big. Yeah that’s my motivation.

Tulsa Calibrations Yeah yeah. Well and so you know you have to make a ton of collaborations. You have to make a plan and then walk out the footsteps that gets you there. You know what you want to do.

But it’s like for me I don’t know I guess if I was to set up a value or something where I could say the goal was to do this but even then what’s that.

What’s the excitement of that. Other than a little like collaborations other than like you say going on the fly somewhere. So I think I need things like that to come up with you know what it is I dig doing.

I’m excited to build something that I can actually be part of and eventually have ownership with and be able to watch it step away and watch it. Watch it continue on its own.

Yeah that’s it. That sounds that sounds really good. And that sounds really good.

So I don’t know. All I’ve done all all facets of this but I’ve never got a star in one.

One stage and go all the way 360 jumped into different places. Yes so. Well I’d sure like to I actually like to wake up every morning and be as excited as. I would be when I just finished doing something I really enjoy doing.

So my ultimate goal is to have the company around the Tulsa calibrations area that there is somebody to take care of everything and I’m coming in to to motivate the people that work for me I’m coming in to relieve the pressure where whoever’s whoever’s overloaded for the day you know I’m coming in to double check the quality to find out how we can do something better coming in to go see the customers to make sure everything’s right. Going out to get new customers if you need them you know. But overall knowing that I could also tell Joe and Pam I’ll be back in two weeks and everything will be just fine.

Yeah that sounds good. I like that. That is the goal that it is. That’s my goal. Well you’re right. And so you know. So that’s why we need to bring more people in because the only way to do that is to grow and get more people involved. That’s right yeah because somebody’s got to run it that’s right. So we’ve got to do the work. So a lot of people don’t work on stuff. So listen what are we going to do to put together a job ad.

So who’s going to write. Well you haven’t made you haven’t made your mind up about what you want to hire.

So it would be calibration technician. So somebody that we basically would focus on.

So we’re talking about hiring two calipers and micrometers for the Tulsa calibrations. We want we want to reach somebody in they can do so we need it. So are you asking. OK so my understanding is my understanding is we’re not talking about a field service person at the moment no we’re Tamada we’re talking about a lab here. Yeah we’re told that if we need to put an ad out that’s part time 25 to 40 hours a week starting pay $12. Jot that down as you’re writing it although I’ve already thought about this five. I’ve just been waiting on you. Why you mean why wait. If I can make your decisions for you you don’t get paid to wait on the elevations you want to go.

So we want so we want we’re looking for somebody that’s that’s willing to work part time 25 to 40 hours a week start out at $12 an hour with a 90 day review at the end of that 90 day review you’ll have the specific amount of things that you’re expected to be proficient in. And if you’re proficient in them you will receive the full $15 an hour back paid back to the day you were hired and you’ll be paid $15 an hour from there on out and pay raises are based off of individual. You know we do a do a professional review once a year as every reputable professional company does.

You know I think the more things you’re qualified out you know like hand tools and stuff.

So the matrix Yeah we could save a tear there’ll be a level a level one level two level three level four here.

Yeah make make opportunity for trading you know for people to explore their training options you know on their own and come up with the ideas you know or figure out some training.

Well I’m well-rehearsed in training departments and putting together training programs and that kind of stuff because I think we’re right now right now we’ve got to we’ve got we’ve got to we’ve got to take care of the Tulsa calibrations community area well while training some new young snipper snappers are finding somebody out there who’s looking for a calibration job.

Yeah. So I think we need to definitely materialize the yeah. Because I think we can. I think we can swing.

I can put together an ad and email it to you and then you can see if we can change it.

And then you can give it back to me. Perfect. And you do it would be great.

Awesome. I’ve just gone before and looked at some other.

So here’s the things that I’ll need to know it’s just for calibration just for the laptop listings if you look out there for I don’t care about other things. When you and I though I’m hiring.

I’m telling you man I’m more concerned about intellects tral ability Kamens and personal behavior. All right we’ll see if you see if you can. Now if we can find somebody that is already trained you know that’s one that’s that’s on you right now. You can’t grow a business at all with anybody that doesn’t get along with the team. Yeah we need somebody that’s enough there’s enough there’s enough negative nonsuccess stories to support bet that non opinion it’s a fact at this point.

Well it’s really important too that a person is marketable and so Burreson. And what I mean by that is I think that somebody that can go out and we’re talking to.

OK. OK we’re going to keep our thoughts straight we’re talking about a lab person.

No I’m thinking that someone would be sitting at the table at Emmitsburg doing calipers and micrometers.

Oh sure sure. Oh yeah. They could go with us when we’re doing specifically just hantle Yeah.

At some point you couldn’t expect a lab tech to go and do the gauges in the equipment not in the equipment now. They should only do external.

Tulsa Calibrations You got to have more of more of a mechanical aptitude and that is that we have to it’s just too difficult to do you know to repeat that and the processes and the bounds and you know you’ve got to you’ve got to get our gear filled service take position and responsibility one way in a lab tech responsible is going to be completely different lab techs jobs and be very black and white. We’re going be looking for a totally different person than we would be for a field service job right.

Right. Somebody that can sit in the lab and do calibrations all day and just be so happy doing them that’s the kind of person we’re looking for somebody who can read an instruction follow it and all procedures use the right equipment. Double check everything. Be really specific integrity to do the right thing very detail oriented ethics.

You got to have very good hand-eye coordination. Yeah. Yeah. Got to be able to read. I would say you’ve got to have good eyesight but that’s fine and they need have but he had good eyesight when he learned the skill so I don’t know if you can learn the skills without good eyesight you might be able to keep using them blind as a bat.

Yeah. Well I did struggle a little bit sometimes times I was doing some some scales today and I got my magnifying glass out to make sure I can get a good view of it and everything.

So so what is going to be you of your scale. Oh I don’t know man. It’s been it’s also calibrations wants to know good lighting because if you doing a sky calibration they might not want to know. But Tulsa calibrations wants to know what constitutes a good scale view with your magnifying glass. Tasik elevations yeah totes colourations scale calibrations so I don’t I don’t I don’t get it. Tasik celebrations give me as you know I’m Travis late. We will see you guys when we see