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Tulsa Calibrations : Spectacular

Well hello and thank you for joining us today we are here discussing calibrations Nate and I’m with Travis. The undertaker. That is right. Pushing up daisies pushing up daisies and we want to talk about some calibrations today because calibrations are a very important part of manufacturing processes and we’re doing those calibrations in Tulsa as Tulsa colourations I think they’re just good for the soul. I think they’re good for much more than just the soul and much more than just the person’s attitude. It really helps me to get through the day.

I just really enjoy some good calibrations. I need a.

Clamato right now. It would be spectacular it would make this Tulsa calibrations podcast. Looking forward to a little something myself tonight. It’s always funny because by the views of the first thing in the morning I’m like no.

Not today. I think that’s like there’s a name for that. I don’t think there’s meetings.

I think there’s meetings for that. It starts with an A.

I don’t think at the end of the day it is.

He’s got to have you know you just can’t be the driver the driver and you know unfortunately you can’t be doing too much calibrations when you’re not Tulsa Calibrations in Florence. I would suggest you don’t do any you know what actually is also calibrations. It’s against our rules to do that during calibrations you know calibrations are too important to be doing.

No Margarita’s no Margarita’s under the influence because you know when calibration of what if they put a lot of ice around the cup. A lot of salt. That’s what I mean it’s all the salt on it that might make you want to want to get me some some some Gage’s blogging.

Get me some calipers out. Go to town. Well that’s why I might take some out with me tonight. Friday night people.

Yeah carry some gauge blocks to pick up the ladies. I don’t know man. Like come on baby let’s see how big your rock really is. Me. It’s just it’s yeah I’m going to get my gauge blocks out. Callipers not a measure that bad boy my calibrated calipers measuring some calibration as I didn’t go well you know. I don’t know man. I think the kid might end with a lot of. Well you’re right a lot of women are going to be upset when I was given a millimeters just inches in most cases they’re probably lying about how big it is.

And so when you measure it you know that’s not disappointment sets in. Yes. And I will be upset about it. So it’s better to just give them more than they can eat and let them throw it away. There you go. That’s a good policy.

It’s unfortunate because if is somewhere in the world somebody is dying or in overclean water because they don’t have a calibrated rig.

Yeah. Yes. Too bad calibrations got to be done.

Let’s get back on track here about Tulsa calibrations and doing calibrations in Oklahoma. So what do you think about the technique to go about calibrating that little aluminum stair stepper.

Well I’m just thinking that I’ve done something like that before and I looked it up and I actually talked to the manufacturer of this one and they said that it was only good to five ten thousandths. Let me very much Joe actually might have even been like yeah it was like five ten thousands or something like that so. So basically I just whipped the old micrometer out check it out with micrometer or the super Mike. Yeah. So they can bear probably but to do it we need to have a procedure as with all calibrations. Five ten thousand say much. No it’s really not too much. Now it should be should be good. I almost think it was even more than that it may be in like a couple of thousands. And I forgot to get a hold of Mike again. Mike who might get information about the ruler. Oh OK. Well I have a feeling that it’s going to be too late now to get a hold of Mike but I sent him a text. Yeah he’s a good guy and we can text oh my can he. He’ll be happy to hear from you. Oh my. He called the manager and he’s been a good customer of ours doing lots of work for him for a long time now and he’s even did a testimony for us testimonial on our Web site. So if you’re reading this right now you probably should check out our check out his testimony on the testimonial page. Speaking of which I hope that we can get some more testimonials because testimonials are good. I like it.

It’s good looks good on the Web site. And we’ve got to get some more tabs on the Web site as well. That’s right.

And I think we started making a couple of notes one time but we really want for troubleshooting they needed to make its way to the white board Yeah. Yeah yeah.

Because those was on my notes because those really are things that I remember when I at some point when I get serious when I get well again we’ve got time but it’ll be amazing how much stuff we really knock out pretty quick if we just put our head down and just do it. So what looks like a big long list I mean doesn’t doesn’t have to take forever to do. Just a matter of just getting started making it happen. So but unfortunately I don’t see much happening even the next week or so I think next weeks even just cram packed full of some wonderful lovely Tulsa calibrations Yeah looked pretty busy.

I was looking forward to doing so. And I think I wanted to get a hold of them and let them tell us you know plus or minus a thousand was fine and make my life.

Yeah. Yeah. Well I think what we do know is that what we have on the paperwork now is what we’re going with. I know that too has all day to try to do that because there was some that weren’t passing or something in there. So we had to make some corrections and different things. OK. Well it will be fun. Just two days. Not not a full two days but it does seem like we had to go back and finish it up it seems like I am pretty sure that you know now that we’ve been doing it a few times. Well you know the thing is I keep getting stuck on like every time I go I get stuck on that one. Old school one and ends up taking 30 40 minutes on it when it should just hit me five. So I think I remember how to do that this time. So that will help a little bit. It’ll save us 10 minutes but anyway so we’ll take we’ll take that class to weights and then we’ll take those hanging weights. And so that might help speed things up a little bit too because how do we do last time I had the we had the grand weights that we had to take the hanging weights and then we had or something like that. Yeah. So we both used both of them. That helps a little bit too just makes things go a bit faster. The end of day that’s really what it comes down to. Although you got hung up on one too.

Tulsa Calibrations It seems like almost like one of the first ones we both got hung up like well like 30.

Every time I get pass it I’m not interested. I’ve done enough either now or you check on you calibrate them if they don’t pass them. I mean they’re just they’re just more out.

Yeah. And it’s possible that there’s just more out. It is possible. So yeah we’ve got to figure out a way to make that happen and just get through it. Move on. Don’t want to spend a whole lot of extra time on it.

We’ll see what else is going on in the calibration community. We keep getting a lot of a lot of want for some some new electronic gear.

I can’t wait. So I’ve I’ve got I actually have I actually sent paperwork into the bank you know looking to get borrow a little bit of cash to do that.

So I’m kind of still trying to make put motion towards that because I think that’s a good investment. And think we do that. I’m excited about that so then we’ll be doing Mitter colorations Fluke meter calibrations and X tech calibrations and Honeywell calibrations all kinds of calibrations Tulsa calibrations. Hey so listen I see that we get June schedule up here pretty much and I see you’ve got Braiden all over it and I didn’t I see something else about a cruise or something somewhere and took it off.

What about Mexico. Did you have Mexico on here too. Oh it’s in July Okay.

All right. Because over.

Oh Rory is going back to Colorado this week and I hadn’t really been planning on the right thing and I don’t know if it would ever work or not but MT did what was going on with that this will be a good opportunity to get caught up right here.

First of June and she just started working on it yet. Well I’ll give it a little more time. Yeah but things like that.

But I think she’s got everything on here. That was on the schedule though. Everything you know from the DO report. So there’s really. Yeah. So that’s pretty interesting. Wow. Doesn’t that don’t have M.Tech on here.

So but so what else is on there from the Tulsa calibrations area toll’s calibrations a.

I don’t know what else going on there. All I know is it looks like we got a lot going on is this this month still. So got a lot going on this month. I know a lot of calibrations. Lot of happiness a lot of great times great times doing calibrations.

So what do we got and how much time we got to go on this podcast because this has been a lot of fun and got a lot to talk about. A lot of information a lot of Tulsa calibrations about 30 seconds how many times it tells colorations this time you have. OK. Plenty of times plenty of time. OK well then we’ll just keep on yawns. Speaker to yours I’ll be Travis Tasik elevations.

We just keep on trucking along. Tulsa colorations and I wonder if there’s a. Yawn tracking machine that you could calibrate in the Tulsa colorations area. I could see the value in being able to do that. Wouldn’t be great to know how many times on every night or the extent of the volume or how far you are on. All right well let’s pick it up later