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Tulsa Calibrations : Super Awesome

All right everybody welcome back. Welcome back. I know you guys miss me I missed you. What can I say. We’ve been serving the Tulsa calibrations community now for seven eight years. I do believe don’t quote me on that might be seven might be eight. It’s been long enough that now people are starting to recognize the veterans on the block and people keep asking us to please service this and please Service that. So we’ve made the commitment to acquire some some some gear that’s now allowed us to grow. And like it or not here we are you know we’re reaching out to our Tulsa calibrations community or Claremore calibrations community or prior calibrations community. Our Kansas calibrations community I mean if it makes sense and you’re in the calibration community we’re going to we’re going to try to help you out. You know you can take us out of prison calibrations com. Our website is loaded with all kinds of good details. We’ve got several very happy customers that were very gracious to send us a super awesome video there. They said some kind things about us with several people plus some Google reviews for us which were gravely humble and appreciative of. And you know I think those things really really matter and they really speak for yourselves you know so we keep that out there working hard for you out in the grind and doing whatever we can to accommodate you to make sure to make your needs within what you need them to be. You know because we know free to take that time to leave us a Google review is huge it’s big.

You know that’s our that’s our hey we really really really do what we say we do bad. You know and we appreciate that.

So this week like each week these days has been just and by it seems like we’re busier and busier all the time. Seems like writing things down more and more is becoming second nature seems like. Every time I turn around God rewarding us and telling us that we’re there we’re doing a good job.

We’ve been servicing Tulsa calibrations community now for seven eight years I do believe somewhere in there and let’s let’s let’s call it six to eight. How’s that sound. Santa to is going to get six. Well that’s just all that’s going on. So if you need Tulsa calibrations community make sure and call precision calibrations because you know if we if we give you that micrometer back and we tell you it’s reading twenty five thousand seven inch it’s 25000 of inch. If you just needed to be kind of close that’s all right too. You know just don’t send it to us because we we don’t believe in kind of close.

You know we want it and we want to do it and do it right.

And now we don’t we don’t we don’t try to sell anybody anybody anybody and we don’t carry parts we don’t we don’t carry equipment on the shelf to sell you we don’t I mean we will acquire things for customers. You know honestly we would rather just just help you service what you need serviced. You know it’s better for everybody if you guys order your own stuff and everything you know but we have some customers that you know really are lacking in the technical ability to make those kinds of decisions. And you know they trust us because we do them a good job in everything and and we we do you know do research for people and order appropriate things and stuff. We charge our normal labor rate of course to do that it does take time to do those things. But the people that have us do it have found that it’s money well spent. But we encourage everybody to do your own research. Figure out what you need and then give us the plan that you would like executed and we’ll execute it for you. But we can meet anywhere in between. So we understand everybody’s everybody’s different. So. This week we did a lot of high pressure gauges and did several mirror about gauges and you know on big calibrations you know we’ve been serving Tulsa calibrations area now for quite some time and I’m a big fan of mirror back gauges because they really allow the operator to know what angle they should be looking at the needle.

You know because you really don’t know without a mirror back if you are if you’re angled too high. So you look in at the so you’re looking at the graduations underneath your needle from the wrong angle or maybe you’re looking at it too low. And so now you’re reading the gauge higher than it should be where you have the opposite effect. If you’re reading the gauge from a higher angle than you should be looking down now you’re reading the gauge to be lower than it actually is. And these are all very critical you know here and around the Tulsa calibrations community because some of these gauges are zero to 5000 PSII. Well even in extremely high accurate gauge of point to 5 percent is going to be every dimension on that. That would be quick math 10. I know so even a super super accurate 5000 pound PSII gauge one divisions 10 VSI. Well the difference between product perfect and product fucked can be much less than 10 PSII.

So you know you’ve got to make sure that you know what your needs are and what you require and will do the rest. But done several high pressure gauges this week and I really enjoy the customers that take the time and spend the money to get the mirror back gauges they comb you know the level of calibration that you can give to on one of those is pristine. The level of confidence in your operators readings is extremely high assuming they know how to read it and use it as a very simple technique. But like everything else you got to know the technique. You don’t you don’t just absorb it. So you know that’s important you know good to spend that money if you don’t have the knowledge what you would be surprised how many people don’t know how to use those actually. Now that we get on that subject. But anyway utilize all kinds of different ports and different transducers and different displays and several different heating devices several different length measurement devices. Several of you know about half and half of the work we did on site for them and we do charge a minimum of $325 onsite fee no matter what it is. So even if we’re there for five minutes to calibrate one single thing for you if you need us to come to you it’s the $325 fee. Because the truth is no matter how long I’m there from zero to four hours I’ve really got a block.

Zero to four hours of my day you know because I got to allocate time to drive there time to drive back a mill in between and figuring out what’s next you know or what’s the problem is at your location. But either way it averages four hours. So that’s why there’s a minimum fee and we are upfront about it. So I know a lot of places that do what we do is 2000 to 4500 minimum. So I think 325 is pretty reasonable and we are servicing the Tulsa community that also calibrations community. And again this is Travis with precision calibrations. You can reach me at 9 1 8 6 1 9 3 5 2 5. You can e-mail me at Travis at precision calibrations dot com. You should really you know not take my word for it you really should go check out our Web site that I read or read up prices calibrations dot com and you really should take the time to click on all those tabs and kind of explore us and get to know us a little bit. And you know find out who we are and what we’re about. And you know we have a lot of customers that have left a little bit of their stories so everybody else can can get a little bit more insight into us or at least how they think they feel about us. I think you’ll see a common denominator. We’re serving the Tulsa calibrations community we have high integrity of high level of results and extremely extremely accurate system of repeatability and we stand behind what we do. And you know we’re trustworthy we are dependable and we are accurate. And if you have any calibration community needs we are precision calibrations and we are I mean we were ready to rock it with you.

You know if you reach out to her we’re going to be there for you 100 percent 110 percent and 20 percent. If we can make it happen for you we’re going to make it happen for you. You know we just ask you don’t you don’t you know Janice of all the time you know I mean if something is really critical you know we try to do whatever and everything we can you know. But if we’re just constantly doing it you know you know we might have to start enforcing that expedite fee. But bottom line is if one of our customers are really in a jam in the Tulsa community Tulsa calibrations community you’ve got to work till midnight you know we get her done and that speaks volumes. That’s our that’s our naval background. You know that’s that’s that’s find a reason to get it done find a reason to say yes don’t find a reason to say no and don’t find a reason to quit. You’ve got to keep pressing forward you’ve got to keep moving one step at a time or you’ll never get anywhere but backwards and you already know where that trail leads. Why do you want to go down that path. So again if you got any Tulsa calibration needs hit us up